Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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June 28 - July 4, 2020

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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, never been quarantined for any length of time, much less for an indefinite time.  Just when we need one another most, we are told to keep our distance.  That does not mean we stop caring about one another.  Call your neighbors, especially older people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  If you are well enough to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, find out what they need and bring it to them.  Ordering from Amazon?  See if those around you need anything.  Together, your total could save you a $35 surcharge!

Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands often -- regular soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Touch your face as little as possible -- it's hard!  Limit direct contact with others, and stay out of crowds.  Remember, we need you here!

Property and money issues require your attention. Examine your assets and liabilities on the 28th. Are you doing everything you can to make the most of your money? If you are not happy with where you are, seek help from someone who is in the know about these things. Be careful who you choose, because everyone out there is not trustworthy.  Take a look at your ongoing projects on the 29th and put the final touches on the ones that are ready.  A missing piece of the puzzle will likely help you with this. It is probably best if you finish out the chores of the month of June by working alone. Others will only  get in your way and keep you from finishing in a timely manner. Remind yourself to live in the moment rather than dwelling in the past or on ďwhat ifĒ happenings. Without now you will have no then and no tomorrow.  New and prosperous ventures are available to you in work or play. Go with the flow, even if it is not going in the direction that suits you, for it will take you to the place you need to be. A place that is much more promising.

Make contact with someone you havenít seen or heard from in a while. Some of you have a certain relative or good friend that you can talk to that will make you both feel more content. Make it a point to finish whatever chores you start on the 29th. There are always distractions, but this is a time to think of your own business. Some of you have the opportunity to attend a social function that you feel that you can take or leave. Go somewhere already!  You may meet someone who can help you further your career or fatten your pocketbook. If you want something, let it be known, but remember that just the right blend of patience and assertiveness is necessary. Finding the middle ground is your task this week. Just a bit of adjustment, whether it is in attitude or action will suffice. Your feelings will be a bit more easily hurt on the 2nd. Write that on your calendar. Your job now is to take things as they come and stay firmly committed to taking the bumps of life with good mental shock absorbers, reminding yourself that you are where you need to be here and now.

Look closely at situations that seem dire for they contain valuable messages that can help you to realize what you need to go forward with more ease in the future. If you find yourself in the same puzzling dilemma that you have been in countless times before, it may be time to figure out what it is in your thinking that is causing this. An attitude of gratitude will be more helpful to your peace of mind than anything else this week. Be still and look at your surroundings for there is beauty to be seen and that brings inspiration. Sometimes we are asked to be background music in the tunes of life. Hold your tongue on the 2nd and donít let the smile come off your face.  Donít worry about things that may or may not happen.  Remind yourself often that life is simple, but far from easy. (Edgar Cayce said that often in his readings)  Pay attention to what is on the 3rd, and not what you want it to be. A surprising possibility is available to you on the 4th.  This may be in the romance department, maybe an adventure, but surely different. Stay neutral in family squabbles for it matters not a smidgen whether you are right or wrong.

A social function could be just what the doctor ordered for the last couple of days o9f the month. The onset of July brings you to a place that you have thought about and planned. The time has come to put your plan into action. You have lived your life for other people and now it is time to do what you must do to tie up loose ends that affect your personal life. You are laying the groundwork for a brand way of life for yourself. Off with the old and in with the new. You must make sure you set a sturdy new foundation for it must hold anything and everything that comes your way. Make it strong enough to weather the heavy winds of change that are in your near future.  Instead of crumbling, it will graciously sway with the breeze. Do not dismay when other folks criticize the map you have laid out for yourself. It is not their business. It is your life, your future and it is about time you put yourself first.  Pay attention to the facts and keep things simple.

Listen to folks who want to tell you about their little problems in life. You can help them to understand that what seems big to them now, will not necessarily be a stumbling block for them when all is said and done. Remind them and yourself to keep the ultimate goal in mind and to give some of the little aggravations to the Universe. There is physical work to be done before the month of June comes to a close. You will be much happier with yourself if you will just get busy and get things done. The potential for change gets more and more intriguing to you day by day. Mysteries prevail in your mind and heart. Could it possibly be that you are really experiences the long promised change for the better?  We think so, but you must pay attention to details, such as paying bills, and stopping for red lights. Donít take it personally when a friend or loved one acts a little peculiar around you because it is not. Everyone gets a bit weird once in a while.

Get back to basics and avoid wasting time. Stop procrastinating about the things you must do to keep your day to day life in good order. Contact with others is important for you this week. A friendship could grow closer or more distant depending on the substance of its foundation. The winds of change are strengthening in your life. Batten up the hatches and get to higher ground. Or, stay where you are and prepare for a great adventure. Either way, you will not be bored. Your own success is at hand on the 4th.  Just do what you know is right. Universal love and brotherhood can prevail if we hold love in our hearts and peace in our thoughts. Good thoughts bring good things, but we need everybodyís help.

Make a phone call or send an email to someone close to you such as an Aunt, Grandmother or anyone else who canít get out as much as they would like. Your voice or your words can make someoneís day and keep them from feeling forgotten. Find some time to be alone and erase the worries from your mind as June comes to an end. This will help you to think more optimistically in the coming days when tension is likely to permeate the air between you and family or friends and associates. If you donít expect too much you will not be disappointed. Symbolically pull up the weeds in your garden, but know the difference between a weed and what could be a healing herb.  Things may not happen as quickly as you would like this week, but you will be fine as long as you stay cool and calm.

Try to find time to be alone and meditate about the patience you are going to need as July enters into the picture. This can prevent an unnecessary headache. Competition can keep your mind sharp and efficient on the 2nd.   You must cooperate and share with others all week long in order to get along well with everyone. You can and should pick and choose the company you keep. A good gauge as to whether or not you want to be in and around people and situations is to pay attention to how you feel while you are having a conversation or an encounter. Think about it afterward and if you donít feel good about the exchange, donít put yourself in the position again. There are too many choices for you to have to endure a situation that leaves you feeling hollow.

Set aside some time to be alone on the 28th so you can get your act together for the coming week. Sometimes you have to get to a calmer physical place before you can get your thought process on the right track. Take inventory of things pertaining to the material things in your life before June ends.  Property, bank balances and anything that can be counted as a gain to you must be dealt with. It is essential for you to get your surroundings a bit more organized. Start July by recognizing and addressing your own needs for a change. You do not have to get self absorbed to the point that you ignore the feelings and needs of others, but you should certainly treat yourself as well. Now about the project you are contemplating. They say that if you do what you love, the money will come. A task that is unattractive to others may give you satisfaction. Organization can turn into financial stability in your future. Keep this in mind, but know that the time to start something new is not necessarily now. Now is the time to do your homework and get the old physical and mental clutter out of your way. 

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