Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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February 18 - 24, 2018

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Someone or something from you past comes from seemingly nowhere on the 18th. You don’t have to stop everything you are doing to be “at their service”.  For some of you, this just adds more work to your schedule when you already have a bigger load than anyone else. Instead of feeling used and abused, you could ask for some help. Ask for help if you need it. The people in your life may think that you enjoy performing some to the drudgery that it takes to keep up with their needs. Get outside help on the 21st if you are still in a bind. Try your best to think before you speak. Keep that in mind and try to guard your words. People closest you often look to you as a role model and they soak in everything that you say. There are so many mixed messages in everyone’s life these days that it is a wonder we are able to function.  Please try to remember that you cannot control the behavior of anyone other than yourself. Some folks think they have the only possible solution to “live happily ever after” and may try to dictate what, where and how everyone must live. Some of you have done just that, and it may be working. If it is, fine, but if you do not have harmony in your surroundings then something is wrong. It is okay to be in doubt about some things.  Let people know when you are. Then really listen to what other people have to say about the issues at hand. Do it while you still have the respect for the good things you do and have been responsible for in the past. Each and every one of us walks a different path in life and that is why a “one size fits all” solution is not possible. Take time to listen and to think things through and this will help you to find the middle ground on issues that you don’t agree with. You can learn a lot by observing others and opening your mind. People who are narrow minded are often going down a path that is too narrow to allow the people they love to walk beside them.  It’s like a horse that you kept tight reins on since it was a pony.  If he is not allowed to learn about his environment as he sees it along the way, curiosity will eventually win over and he will bolt.   A wider and more satisfying path can be created by giving him his head. You may have to change your tactics a bit, but you know that you cannot control the behavior of others any more than anyone can control you.  Slow down and learn by looking at the folks and things around you, for that is what it takes to live a useful life.

The work you have to do may be overwhelming and patience can be as scarce as hen’s teeth these days. Common sense is quite uncommon in the workplace or your circle of friends and family. There is a verse in the King James Bible in Psalms 141:3 “Set a watch, O Lord before my mouth, keep watch on the door to my lips. We must always endeavor to ask for protection from the wickedness that is ever near.  Don’t be afraid to disagree with the beliefs of others but by the same token, you will do well to respect their points of view.  Don’t pay attention to the discussions you happen to hear in passing. It’s easy to hear snippets of a conversation and take it to mean something it doesn’t.  Do not take this sort of thing personally, because the mutterings of fools are below your realm of belief cannot touch you. You are not accountable for the behavior of others and it is not up to you to try to change it. Group or community meetings should not be missed on the 23rd. You can make progress in your career by being seen. The social mood will hold true on the 24th as well but be careful when sharing your personal business with others, especially if you want to keep it personal. 

Change is evident in every aspect of your life. You must not keep company with the people who mock others. If they ridicule others in your company, they will ridicule you in theirs. There are material matters to be reckoned with this week. Use your imagination to turn something ordinary into a source of fun. The simple things in life turn out to leave you with the most meaningful memories. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to get your point across. Keep a pad and paper with you and jot down your thoughts from time to time. That’s what Mark Twain did. I think of my best analogies while driving, or doing something that requires all of my attention. Keep a notepad or a recorder nearby or jot down the ideas that come to you and use them the next time you feel creative. Some of you are restless on the 21st and 22nd and will resort to retail therapy. If you decide to go shopping, you are prone to be impulsive. If you have to buy something, make sure you can return it next week if you have second thoughts. Your mind is willing to do all kinds of constructive things, but your body doesn’t seem to cooperate. Thinking about work takes energy but it doesn’t get the job done. By the end of the week, there is a good possibility that things are turning around. You may meet somebody new or get in touch with a friend or loved one and loosen up enough to enjoy life more. 

Some of you are dealing with a situation that is not particularly desirable. You are expected to do a lot of emotional work that you are not really fond of doing. Family and those who are like family are pretty bossy these days but if you make an effort, you can get along. Guard your words very carefully and you will be glad you did. Keep in mind that you are admired and loved more than you know. New stuff is on the horizon and you are setting the foundation for it now. You will not be loaded down with the baggage of the past. You have been pulling a wagon that is heavy laden for a very long time. If you look back, you will see that you are only holding the handle to the wagon. The baggage is in the past and not a part of your life any more. You are here and this is now and this is where you live. You have paid your back dues, and now it is time to realize that the new chapter in your life is upon you and it is time for you to begin what you were put on this earth to do. A new project may interest you on the 22nd.  For many there is a very real purpose ahead.   Make sure you make preparations in advance. That way nothing can put a damper on your enthusiasm. There could be mood swings on the 23rd if you allow resentment to seep into your thought pattern. Your thoughts are scattered much like a cartoon at times, but if you are open and receptive, you will see that there is a brighter dawn on your horizon.

Slow down long enough to take inventory of the thoughts and things that are on your mind and in your path. Some of you need to think about where you are in your quest for whatever your mission is these days. If you don’t like the way that things are panning out for you, this is the time to change your direction. Change starts with a seed. That seed is a thought in your head. Take action on that thought and this can turn into a reality for you and those around you. Your opinions are heard by many people. Some of them look up to you and your suggestions are taken to heart.  Try to stay away from people who have addictions whether they are food, shopping, or cleaning. This is a month in which you can resist anything but temptation. The best way to help you to do that is to stay busy with the good deeds. Service is your key word for the week, and you will have the opportunity to start work on a compassionate project by the end of the week. Service to humanity is needed everywhere and it starts with you. You don’t have to sign on to a huge project to help raise the bar for thoughtfulness. Any act of kindness, no matter how small is overlooked.  On the 22nd there are details that need attention before you set out to save the world. It is important not to ignore the little things at home or at work.  If you decide to splurge on the 23rd, be sure to get your money’s worth. Do what you can to steer clear of scathing arguments. Your mood will deteriorate if you choose to join in on a verbal skirmish.

Balance your checkbook, make your grocery list and go about what is necessary to make your plans a reality later on in the week. Tend to irritating details whether you want to or not. You may think that some of them are not important, but if they have anything to do with your money, think again. Someone close may come to you with a hand out. You have to decide whether you should give them money. If you have bailed them out in similar circumstances in the past, you will not be doing them a favor by doing it again. You have to decide whether to shell out the money again, or to say no and force them to be accountable. The first choice is the easiest, but in all likelihood, not the best. You will have to pay special attention to loved ones on the 21st and you may not be in the mood. Do it anyhow, for you will need them to reciprocate in the future. Let them know you are taking the time with them because you know they would do it for you. Social duties are facing you on the 22nd. Some of you may have to force yourself to get dressed up and capitalize on the chance to be noticed. You are not alone if you think of some of these events as a chore. By the time you make the effort it takes to do it, you will probably enjoy yourself more than you expect to.  Keep your attitude positive on the 23rd and the no-nonsense issues you have to deal with can be settled. Some of you have been cooped up for a long time because of the weather. The 24th is the day to go to a sporting event. It doesn’t matter whether you are an active participant or not. Planning and getting dressed to go out on a venture will break the monotony. Sitting on the couch all day makes you want to keep doing it. Exercise sustains the desire for more activity.

It’s time to make the decision to get rid of a situation that has drug on and on. When you do, something will click in your brain and you will realize that some of the reasons you have held back in your work is because of assumptions. After you have separated fact from fiction, your path will be much smoother. Someone will need your help on the 19th. You can help them and yourself by pointing them in the right direction. Taking on an unwanted responsibility is not the answer. Some of you will realize that material things are not all that important on the 20th. Younger folks will learn from your actions. You are respected for your opinions and you may be asked for them on the 22nd. People often ask, “What is my purpose”? Your purpose is to go about your business and to do positive things day by day. We must help each other in order to evolve.  Recycle! Our world is full of garbage and if we keep using up energy and goods at this rate, we will run out of energy.  If you are going shopping, take someone with you. You will enjoy the company and save a gallon of gasoline.

Eat healthy food at regular intervals and exercise your body. Some of you have been sitting around so long that all you want to do is sit around some more. For all of you who exercise regularly, hooray!  For the rest of us, it’s time to think about a regimen that includes moving your body parts. I take that back, it’s time to do more than think. You can decide on a schedule while you are jogging around the block. Get the blood circulating, and it will help you with the decisions you must make regarding your own direction in life. Now is the time to take a big step in the direction you plan to go. You know by now that you have to do something different if you expect a different outcome. Get out of that hole you are in and take the initiative. There is a window of opportunity for you in business this week, possibly on the 22nd.  Be aware of what is going on around you. Organize your work load by making a list of things you must do in preparation for the week ahead. Take some time to be alone on the 24th. Use your considerable analytical abilities to your own advantage. Do what you can to keep interruptions at a minimum. You may think you must be “on call” 24/7 but time to yourself without interruptions is most important to you now.

Change is so apparent to you now and you are ready, for you have tired of some of your activities.  If you keep doing the same thing with the same people at the same places then you’ll be in the same place. Say goodbye to something or someone who has been dragging you down and allow your imagination to soar. New plans are forming in your mind and if shared with others, some of them are not only doable, they can lead to success. It can put you on your way to solidifying your plans for the future. There are many opportunities at your fingertips and all you have to do is pick what you want to do. Follow your gut feeling, but know you must know the difference from fact and fiction. This takes research and not hearsay. On the 24th, you will need to cooperate with the people around you. You may have to compromise on small things in order to get your way in the most important ones to you and that probably involves money.

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