Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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October 25 - 31, 2020
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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, never been quarantined for any length of time, much less for an indefinite time.  Just when we need one another most, we are told to keep our distance.  That does not mean we stop caring about one another.  Call your neighbors, especially older people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  If you are well enough to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, find out what they need and bring it to them.  Ordering from Amazon?  See if those around you need anything.  Together, your total could save you a $35 surcharge!

Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands often -- regular soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Touch your face as little as possible -- it's hard!  Limit direct contact with others, and stay out of crowds.  Remember, we need you here!

Put yourself in the best possible environment on the 25th and 26th. You can do this by choosing to be in the most amicable situations with good natured people. The reason for this is that you are very sensitive to the feelings and words of others. You are like a sponge taking on whatever emotions around you. It is up to you to take the initiative to work toward your goals during the next few days. Look at your schedule for each day and use your free time to eliminate loose ends on the old projects.  Finishing touches are essential unless you want to redo the whole thing later. Remind yourself of this often.   You donít need anything to hold you back from jumping into the new projects that are waiting in the wings. By mid-week you will be entitled to some time for just hanging out with a friend. Watch for a surprise on the 30th.  You may think you have plans, but they are likely to be interrupted. Some of you will find yourself in the middle of a squabble involving people near and dear to you on the 31st. Keep your advice to yourself for anything you say or do will end up putting you in the hot seat.  Guard your words lest you say something you may regret.  Better yet, keep your mouth shut.

Little things mean a lot on the 25th so pay close attention to details. Know that your emotional state could be fragile leading to unnecessary anxiety. Do not take the actions and words of others personally. Talk to yourself about this before you face the day. Patience is needed to a point on the 26th but do not allow folks to walk over you. You will be plenty busy on the 27th and will likely have a problem knowing what to do first. Flexibility is the key word, for you will surely be multi-tasking for much of the week. Remember to handle the practical things first, and then take things as they come. If you find yourself in a bind, remember what you did to put yourself there. Relationships that need attention will greet you on the 30th. Find some time to be alone on the 31st. Sometimes it is good to do something that is calming to the nerves. You may read a book, go shopping, or work in the yard. Think about what you do to relax and do it. Choose a quiet activity that has helped you to regenerate. Your mind is your computer so you have to review the contents and save the data that you need and getting rid of the rest. It is like backing up the information on your computer.

Do the tasks that are before you but donít get drown yourself in unnecessary details. The theme for the day is sharing. This goes for work as well as play.  You will be the life of any social gathering you choose to attend in the 26th.  Do avoid incessant chatter though because saying too much can negate your popularity. Some of you were in a sour mood last week. Donít allow it to get you again this week. This is a week for seeing old things in a new light. Some of your work can only be done by you. This is when you just get in there and do it. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment when it is done. You are capable of much more than you think. Even though you feel like the victim and that you have to do everything: GET OVER IT! You have no time for the presence of negative folks. Donít tell everybody your business but get organized and take care of it on the 31st. 

Some of you are being overwhelmed by the responsibilities at work. As if that isnít enough, family issues come up as well. Take one problem at a time and deal with it the best you can. Family members can be an embarrassment to you. Donít involve family with work if you can help it. You may have to rearrange your schedule early in the week.  Your career or your normal doings may have to take a back seat to a turn of events on the 26th.  Those who are single could meet someone new and feel drawn to them romantically. If you are not single you could have the same experience. Donít do anything foolish  unless you are ready to change your life dramatically.  Responsibilities have to be met in that area on the 26th. You may even have to postpone a meeting at work in order to satisfy a commitment. Confinement drives you mad on the 28th, so try to get fresh air as often as possible.  Business matters need your attention on the 29th and 30th.  An unexpected expense may trouble you on the 29th. You may suspect wrong doing on the part of a family member. Donít jump to conclusions until you have examined the facts. Take the time to evaluate your personal relationships on the 31st. Take a break from the ones that have grown stale over time.

You may be a bit perturbed during the first few days of this week due to the words or actions of family members or very close friends. Remind yourself that you are not responsible and cannot control the behavior of others.  Be cautious with your own words and actions. Your imagination can run away with you if you are not careful. Hear the whole story from both sides all sides because guesswork can be risky.  Do not make any decisions based on hearsay or rumors. Keep your cool and things will turn out just fine. It is likely that you are being used as a sounding board. Just listen to those who are close to you. That is usually all that is necessary. People need to be heard. Make sure your finances are in order on the 29th. There is one situation you can no longer ignore. If you owe a debt, pay it. If there is confusion, donít ignore it; get to the bottom of it.  Honesty up front will save you a heap of trouble in the end. A personal relationship issue will threaten to slow you down again on the 30th.  Again, judgment based on an assumption is not valid.  Make time to be with the people who mean the most to you on the 31st by including them in your plans.

Shadows from your past could surface on the 25th   Questions could come up to interrupt your plans. Think before you come up with a quick answer. Give the matters that come up some serious thought. So many things are taken out of context these days. You have responsibilities in close relationship issues that cannot be ignored on the 26th and 27th. Be kind to these people even when others are critical. Logic and reason will see you through.  Pay attention to money matters this week. If you are unsure about the validity of a debt, get the facts.  A disagreement in a relationship is likely, especially if there are young people involved. Tell it like it is, especially on the 29th. Some things cannot be sugar coated. A deep breath and a little patience will help to clear the air so that unresolved emotions canít be inflated. This kind of thing can cause physical illness, even cancer. Know that you must rely only on yourself, for you could be in for a disappointment if you expect someone else to make you happy.  Cooperation is the key to success in your connections with friends and property issues.

You may be looking at the possibility of leaving an old relationship behind. This is not necessarily between you and another person. It could be a routine or habit that has been a part of your life for a long time. Sometimes it is hard to part with the familiar even if it is no longer serving a purpose. Say there is an old dilapidated fence in your back yard. Youíve got to tear it down in order to put a new one in its place. You are going to miss it for a while but you know it had to go. A keen awareness of property, investments and other things you can put a dollar amount on is essential on the 27th. The mood may get a bit emotional before the week is out. With a little cooperation, patience and tact, you can get through it all on a positive note. Getting together with friends Take part in social or community activities on the 31st can remind you of how much fun you can have when you are with friends.

A wait and see attitude will do just fine on the 25th. Chill out and let life come to you.  The 26th is a different story. Decisions about material things are front and center and they must be thought out carefully to ensure a good outcome. These decisions are yours to make and you will own the consequences.  Think outside the box. A quiet drive in the country may be just the thing to get youíre your thoughts untangled and your spirit renewed. Change is coming, though a slight obstacle may seem to hinder your progress toward the end of the week. Remember that these little hurdles are timing devices that put us where we need to be when we need to be there. Follow the rules and come to a complete stop when you see a stop sign.

Emotions have a way of overruling good sense in business deals. Know that your some of your goals are in reach. You may have to allow someone else to help you along, but it is okay to do that. You are an inspiration to more people than you know, especially the young ones in your life By the same token, you are inspired by them as well. Try to relax and go with the flow. There will always be a few distractions in your path, but there is always a reason for. You are a resourceful person and there is a wellspring of knowledge and help that will always be available to you at any given time. There is nothing you canít handle for you have the gift of common sense and logic to help you to make good decisions. Every time you have to stop and face these little perplexities you know that change is coming. Change takes extra effort but it is necessary and good. Most of you realize that life is getting better and better for you each day. Recognize this and be thankful for it. Live in the moment and take it all in for you have earned it.   

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