Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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April 11 - 17, 2021
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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
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Some of you have gone through growing pains during the last couple of months and especially the last two days. Circumstances surrounding you have caused you to grow spiritually because you were forced to face issues that made no sense at all. Just keep on taking things as they come and handling them with as little drama as possible. On the 12th, loose ends should be tied in matters dealing with property and material matters. Your mind is quick this week but it is advisable to filter your words. Blurting out your thoughts can land you in a heap of trouble these days. The temptation to be painfully honest should be thought out before you open your mouth. I am not telling you to be dishonest, but you can formulate ambiguous sentences to keep you from burning bridges and hurting feelings, or better yet, say nothing unless it is absolutely necessary.  Make a list of the things you need to do to finish projects that are crowding your space on the 13th and try to do what it takes to finish the things you can and do whatever necessary to keep the ongoing tasks current.  The 14th is not a day of relaxation for most of you for there is much to be done during these activity filled hours. New ideas should be noted as they come to you. Something or someone will bring up an old issue that can be a reminder of unresolved questions or emotions. This can be a good thing for you are more able to see things in a different light on the 15th. Invitations to social functions should be accepted for the 16th for you will be ready to mingle with others quite successfully. Thereís work to be done on the 17th so start early and avoid procrastination and you will feel good about yourself after a productive day. Your plans could change on a dime on the 18th, for it is a day in which surprises are the norm. 
The 12th is a day to show your thoughtfulness and love for everything and everyone. This may be a bit difficult for young people, so parents and role models should try to conjure up an attitude that is a bit more of a tolerance level for them. It is evident that you are starting over in some area of your life. You can make this much easier on everyone involved if you will look at the things in your life that are no longer feeding you mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. Breaking off a relationship may be necessary. You cannot hold on to something that wants to be free for it is not fair to anyone, especially you. You are exactly where you need to be in your life and if it seems difficult, it is because you have a difficult lesson to learn. The more complicated the situation seems to you, the bigger the lesson, and the greater the growth in your soul.  You will need to cooperate with others on the 15th in order to get along with your colleagues and people you blend with in general.  Pay attention to details and point them out when necessary without being pushy. There could be a surprise in the form of an unexpected visitor or phone call the last couple of days of this time period. You may be obliged to change your plans at the last minute. On the 18th, a close friend or relative may come to you with a problem that can be cause for elation or disappointment.

The 12th is a day filled with opportunities to start something new and meaningful in your life. The spurts of insight you had on the 11th can help you to figure out how to handle stuff that comes up for the week to come. Cooperation and flexibility are a must when dealing with people on or around the 13th. Keep this in mind when you feel yourself becoming agitated by people and situations from the beginning to the end of this period. The actions of others can drain your physical and emotional energy if you allow it to happen. Take a deep breath before screaming or throwing a fit when situations get ridiculous. On another note, being kept in the dark about plans made by the folks around you can be more alarming to you than if someone slapped you in the face. ď Will I get the promotion? Will the new people in my life like me?Ē Try to remember that what other people think of you is not nearly as important as carrying out your personal mission to find your own peace of mind. Thatís all most of us want after all is said and done. Trust your gut feeling when making decisions. Trust the wisdom that is within you to overcome conflicts and remember that you have arguments with yourself constantly. What is it that you fear? It could be that facing it is the best thing that can happen to you. These are very intuitive times for you, especially on the 16th. Remember this when dealing with loved ones and it will help you get through the rough spots. Donít take anything someone says personally, for it is not. Problems with close relationships come to the surface on the 17th. Make sure you know the whole story before you react. This goes for giving out advice if you are not seen as part of the problem.

Begin the week by acting on the thoughts that have been running around in your head. Some of your inspirational ideas are worthy of action but must be addressed because they are time sensitive. This is a time to do something rather than remain placid. The ideas you have today can generate revenue for you in the future. Some of you will have to cooperate with others on the 12th. Allow your ideas to be heard but also be willing to listen to othersí point of view and to meet them halfway if possible. On the 13th you may meet someone new and interesting by volunteering at a semi-social function such as a town hall meeting or another such gathering. The 14th is a day in which you tend to business with logic and common sense. Donít allow any question to go unanswered when it comes to personal money matters that can affect your financial future. If there is any doubt, deal with it now. Minor disturbances may come your way due to a change in plans on the 15th.  Roll with the punches and know that whatever happens there is always a reason. You will likely be dealing with inner struggles that have nothing to do with whatever brings about your ire.  You will fare better if you take the time to think about the core reasons for your discontent. Rest on the 17th and face the honest truth about yourself. Ask yourself some of the hard questions. How did you get to where you are right now at this point in time? Are you on the right track?  Things change constantly and it is wise to stop and look at the direction your path is leading you pretty often. Itís like you are on a sailboat and headed into storm. The journey you are on can be rough or smooth. You can adjust your sails toward the bright skies ahead, or you can go full blast into the tempest. It is up to you. When you are constantly running into a brick wall, it is telling you that you need to take another route. The 18th is not a day to start a big project because there are some old ones that need to be completed first.

Be aware that you have a tendency to be super sensitive on the 11th.  You may be asked to mediate in a misunderstanding among friends. It is fine if you listen to their problems as long as you remember that they have nothing to do with you. Donít allow your personal feelings to get in the way of your rational mind when evaluating the situation. Impartiality is a good noun to remember. Later in the week it is imperative to be sensible in dealing with financial evaluations, especially where your personal property is concerned. Get off the emotional roller coaster of the past and face issues squarely and honestly.  There is good news for some of you who have been dragging your feet. Your energy level should be higher beginning, on the 13th so use this advantage and get some physical work done.  Beginning the 15th, it is imperative that you spend some quality time with really good friends or family members. Make that call or visit that youíve been putting off and when all is said and done, everyone will be a little happier. You know that you care for these people, but they need to hear from you once in a while. If there is undue tension between you and someone close to you, talk it out.  Youíll feel better once you let your thoughts and feelings be known. Bringing issues to the light is simple but not always an easy thing to do, but it allows you to see them from a much broader view. This helps everyone to grow on a soul level.  
I hope you have been somewhat thoughtful of the needs of others so far this month for it will help you to achieve the goals you strive for this week. Sometimes you may think that your ideas are the only ones that count, but that is not necessarily so. There is work to be done on the 12th and you will get help from the people you worked well with in the past couple of weeks. The bulk of the work will fall on you if you followed the tendency to be stubborn. You may have a surprise coming to you on the 13th in the form of a phone call or a visit from someone you havenít seen or visited for a while. Family members or those who are like family could be a source of aggravation for you or a source of pleasure. You are in a year in which relationships are on the chopping block. It is a year that is ripe for marriage and divorce either literally or in the broad sense of the word. If you are at odds with these people it will affect your everyday life.  Ask yourself a few questions and review the events that led up to where you are now. Are you being totally fair in your expectations of them?  If you are in a dispute with your spouse or a very close family member, think about how you would react if the situation at hand were reversed? Be still long enough to contemplate the things that are bothering you or you will never reach the point where you agree on anything. It could be that they just need to talk. When someone snaps at you for little or no reason, there is usually something deeper that needs to be discussed. Hard feelings are like the leaves of a cabbage. You take the layers off one by one and you come closer to the core of what it evolved from. Anger is caused from hurt feelings and sudden outbursts demand understanding. Some of you are victims and some are instigators.  Find some time to be alone with your thoughts on the 15th but try not to constantly dwell on one situation. Do something to stimulate your mind like going to a lecture, reading a book, or something as simple as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Give yourself a treat on the 16th.  Allow yourself to enjoy the little things in your life that lighten your heart.  Happiness comes from the inside out and it does not have a price tag. An unresolved issue with a family member or close friend is likely to surface again on the 17th.  Arrogance and expectations that go beyond all reason will blow up in your face on the 17th and 18th. You cannot control the behavior of others and it would be wise of you to face this truth before it is too late. Goodness and truth trumps meanness and lies. Malice Rumors and gossip are based on assumptions that are poison to everyone involved. If none of the above fits you right now your forecast could be completely opposite and you will meet prince and princess charming, come into a lot of money live in blissful happiness for the rest of your life. Well, maybe not the rest of your life but maybe until the end of the month. 

Continue to look at the facts in whatever is going on in your life this week. You are learning to fight the tendency to read things into the words and actions of others that are not there. When you make assumptions about a situation and lay blame on a person it often results in some very tense situations that are not at all necessary. This my dear will save you and your loved ones who surround you a lot of heartache.  What matters to you is that you go to about your life in a reasonable way. Deal with whatever comes up as it comes and see things as they are by dealing with facts and not feelings. It is to your advantage to go with the flow of life on and after the 13th.  Cooperate with those around you and make a conscious effort to exercise patience in keeping your temper at bay. Try to spend some time with family members or friends that are tried and true. An extra helping of tolerance is necessary all month long. Though you may be chomping at the bit Think before you begin a new project takes up too much of your time right now. The things that mean the most to you in the great scheme of things are as simple as being there when a child discovers something new. Hearing a child laugh with uncontained glee can make my day. Miracles are all around you in the simplest things and you can experience them if you are not so caught up in the worldly things in life. Remember to focus on what you can do. When you are mumped up about what you canít do, you are wasting precious time and energy. Try to take what seems like fault finding from others in a constructive way. Remember that the words and deeds of others donít sting unless there is a bit of truth in them. Hesitate, lest you burn your bridges on the 17th.

Family, friends and close associates will likely demand your attention on the 12th. It seems that everybody wants to pull your strings these days and you canít seem to get a moment to yourself. Go ahead and do what you can for them so theyíll get out of your way and then you can get on with your own plans. You must think about ways to improve your financial situation around midweek. Fine points need to be honed. Be sure to consider any new plan through very carefully before you jump into something new. Something good will come of your fresh ideas, but you must tie up loose ends dealing with old projects before you can give your all to something new and innovative. Take another look at the path you have taken so far and determine what is working and what is not. Changes can be made now to keep you on course to your ultimate goal. Solid planning and a straightforward approach will help you to stay up to date on your responsibilities.  There will be a small window of opportunity to change your schedule and make minor adjustments. There is much to be done between now and the end of the week but if you stick to a schedule, you can handle it. Get real, stop making excuses and use your energy on getting things done.  Things are changing all the time but for you the transitional pace has been accelerated.

You will likely begin the week with more invitations to social or community engagements than you can handle. If you plan ahead of time you can make it to the ones that are important to you and your future. On the 13th you must make sure you have done the necessary duties in your own back yard. Take care of yourself and the tasks that are necessary for your own family. Then you may consider the other requests for your time or talent. If you are asked to mediate for friends, extended family or associates, take extra precautions to use a simple realistic approach toward the issue in question. Your personal feelings based on things that have happened to you in the past should not enter into your mind when you are trying to resolve a conflict. Get all the facts and donít listen to here say for this can be a huge responsibility and it wonít be easy. The right answers are simple as long as they are based on common sense and honesty along with what you know is morally right. Keep your sense of humor in tact on the 15th.   A family outing can actually be fun on the 16th as long as you donít take things too seriously. Be practical instead of sensitive in dealing with every day matters. On the 17th, remember that you are prone to be just a little more dramatic than necessary in dealing with some of your dilemmas.

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