Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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January 24 - 30, 2021
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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, never been quarantined for any length of time, much less for an indefinite time.  Just when we need one another most, we are told to keep our distance.  That does not mean we stop caring about one another.  Call your neighbors, especially older people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  If you are well enough to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, find out what they need and bring it to them.  Ordering from Amazon?  See if those around you need anything.  Together, your total could save you a $35 surcharge!

Take care of yourself.  WEAR A MASK WHEN IN PUBLIC.  Wash your hands often -- regular soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Touch your face as little as possible -- it's hard!  Limit direct contact with others, and stay out of crowds.  Remember, we need you here!

Take a good look at your plans and your agenda. You can save a considerable amount of time if you make the changes necessary to avoid back-tracking. Time is money and flexibility in your schedule and your budget saves both. Whether you are dealing with domestic, career and or budget issues, your willingness to cooperate with others and make adjustments is essential. Do this and you will be more likely to succeed in whatever work you are doing now.   Someone will probably need your help on one of their projects on or after the 25th.   Itís fine to help them but do not ignore your own work. Take care of your own stuff first.  Check out the balances on your credit cards and pay them off to avoid high interest rates. You canít be late on any of them without paying ridiculous fees. Something or someone from your past will appear. It may be one that you have helped in the past. This could very well inspire you to do a good deed for another on or after the 27th. Take some time to swap holiday stories with friends during the latter part of the week. A change in your personal life could include a romantic encounter over the weekend.

The humanitarian in you comes to the surface and you become overwhelmed when you think of the dire straits that affect so many people in the world. You canít save the world but you can do something to combat hunger and sickness in your corner of the world. Do what you can at home to help someone in need. Universal love is the theme to cling to on the 24th. You canít save the world but you can do something to make life easier for the people in your community. Meanwhile, back to your life, some of you are just coming back from a trip and some are seeing the happy ending to a very big project that showcases your immense talent. What better way to write a resume than to be able to show people a near perfect end result. On the other hand, you may be learning a lesson on ďwhat not to doĒ the next time you take on a project.  If you are having a hard time sticking to a New Yearsí resolution, donít give up yet. You really donít shed yourself of the old yearsí habits right off the bat. Look at January as practice time. So, if you resolved to be more organized, it is not too late to start.  You may be a bit oversensitive on the 26th. Keep this in mind and stop trying to personalize every little thing people say or do. Most of what you worry about is not real anyway, especially when you are trying to figure out what folks are thinking. You worry about what people think of you when in reality they are often not thinking about you, period  Now, lets get back to the issue of organization. It isnít by purchasing more storage containers. Most of the time you wonít need any more than you have on hand. Use your existing space wisely and stop accumulating more of the stuff that is crowding you in the first place.

Start a new week by rising early and jumping in to the tasks at hand. You know by experience what happens when you start the day procrastinating. You wonít likely get a thing accomplished the entire day. Even if you manage to get started on a project aggravating details come up that can cause setbacks. It is not just you, so donít take It is nothing personal because it happens to everyone. You may have to wait longer on an appointment through no fault of your own. You can use these delays by taking your laptop or some busy work with you just in case you have some time. That way, you can at least feel like you are accomplishing something while you wait. If you donít have a laptop, take a book to read or some personal paperwork to do. That way you wonít feel as though you are wasting your time. Circumstances that are beyond your control arise for many reasons. At times you run into blockages to test to test your patience, sometimes they happen to put you on the right time track, and sometimes just to aggravate the daylights out of you. You are always learning lessons in life.

A friend or family member is likely to get you to mediate in a disagreement they are having. Donít get involved in an argument between two people unless you know the facts. Even then, you canít make a decision unless you know exactly what happened that led to the particular disagreement.  You must pay attention to details that you know to be the truth and point them out. Ask questions about the situation on both sides of the aisle. This often gives the participants more information and in turn it allows them to settle their own beefs. You have a vivid imagination and it is quite apparent in your thoughts as this week gets under way. There is so much going on in your head on and after the 24th and you feel like you are obliged to give an explanation for your words and actions to everyone. You donít!  As long as you have done your best at home or in your career, the results speak for themselves. It may finally occur to you some people do not want to understand. Or that they have ulterior motives where your work is concerned. Your actions speak louder than words and you should begin to realize this more and more as the week progresses. You have a lot of good things going for you on the 30th. Someone will soon recognize the fact that what you do is important and it makes a positive impression upon the world.

Send a note to someone dear to you and tell them that you love them. I am impressed when people make the effort to send a card or email to me. This tells me that I matter to someone. Do something to tell a particular person that they are still special to you. There are moments in everyoneís life that helped them to get where they are now. If a deed such as this stands out in your mind, know that it will make a world of difference in their life to have the validation. If you appreciate someone, tell them. On and after the 25th, people around you seem to want too much from you. This is nothing new but you can change that. Speak up when you feel you are being used. During the coming year you are likely to contemplate changes in every area of your life. You may even move to another domicile. You will most certainly change the way you think about where you live. More likely than not, someone will come to you for help with a problem on the 27th.  Whether it is a family member or a close friend, give them advice but resist the urge to do what it takes to fix everything for them. If it is a co-worker, you can show them how one time. Then give them the ďhow toĒ manual and let them do their job. You have quite enough busy work to do for yourself, let alone do someone elseís work.  Finish what you start on the 30th.
There is work to be done and most of it is all yours. Get on the ball and do what you need to do now. Complete the job at hand before you stop. Youíll be glad you did when you realize you donít have to go back to it later. Unexpected issues crop up on the 25th partly because of the thoughts planted last month. When giving your opinion about another person and or their actions, make sure it is based on fact and not just your perception. Negative talk based on assumptions is gossip and can come back to haunt you later. Be very careful in the handling of financial matters on the 28th, especially when it involves relatives.  Emotions often erupt like a volcano when money and kinfolk mix. It is easy to place blame on someone has a reputation for mishandling money, donít make the assumption that they are guilty. Get the facts before you place blame.

The gift of intuition is heightened at this time. You are in a place where this along with the wisdom offered in a #7 year offer can get you on the right path and continue to guide you to the right actions along the way. You only have to recognize it while going about your everyday business. Your patience may wear thin after being tested from the start of the week.  Check and make sure your bills are paid and your insurance premiums are up to date on the 29th.  It is easy to overlook a premium dealing with life insurance. Take a look at the insurance policies on your possessions and make sure you have the coverage you need. Sometimes the wording used in the fine print is dubious.  Go over any questions you have with your agent and have him clear things up. If there are parts that seem suspicious, you should demand clarity. Then ďget it in writingĒ in understandable no nonsense sentences.

In any successful retail business it is necessary to take inventory. It tells you how and what to order for continued success. It also lets you know there are items that are just taking up space. If items are gathering dust on the shelves, you get rid of them and make room for the ones that are useful. It is time for you to take inventory of the thoughts and things that make the difference in whether you are going forward or being blocked in your path.  Take inventory of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of your life. There are most likely many areas that need clearing out. The symboligy here is clear. Keep in mind that when you clear out a physical space in your path, you have already cleared a mental space. Everything we do or say is a result of what is going on in the head. Why is it so difficult to figure this out?  I think it is because some of things are imbedded so deeply in the mind that it becomes a ďsacred cowĒ.  We seem to be willing and able to tell someone else what they should be doing when we havenít done the same in our own existence. On a lighter note, you should attend parties and social gatherings available to you on the 30th. Go to a party or a social gathering on the 30th if given the chance. You may run into someone who can be pretty important to you in the future.

Are there times that you feel all alone and donít quite fit in?  It could be that you are doing what people think you should and not what makes you comfortable. The 24th is a day for being alone and thinking about your thinking. If there are issues in your home or work place that are no longer serving you get rid of them. Easier said than done, right? You can do it but there are steps you have to take and today may be the best day yet to put this plan on paper.  This is a one man job and you are the man! Spend as much time a possible alone. You need the rest. If you actually want to move forward you have to physically take the steps necessary. You may have valuable pieces of art lying around. This is nice to have as long as you can pay the mortgage on the house and the utility bills. If you are saving these expensive pieces to pass on to an heir, you should check and see what the intended recipient plans to do with it when you arenít looking. You may be better off selling it now and using the proceeds to make your life more comfortable. Iím thinking it may be time to think about yourself and your own well being. 

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