Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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October 13 - 19, 2019

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It seems to me that our world is being infected with negativity that is tearing us apart. Our political leaders seem to make things worse because each side has to be right. I think we should all follow rules based on truth. There is no alternative. Each and every one of us walks a different path in life and that is why a “one size fits all” solution is not possible. Take time to listen and to think things through and perhaps this will help you to find the middle ground on issues that you don’t agree with. You can learn a lot by observing others and opening your mind. People who are narrow minded are often going down a path that is too narrow to allow the people they love to walk beside them. It’s like a horse that you kept tight reins and blinders on since it was a pony.  If he is not allowed a broader view of his environment along the way, curiosity will eventually win over and he will bolt.   Take the blinders off. A wider and more satisfying path can be created by giving him his head. You may have to change your tactics a bit, but you know that you cannot control the thoughts of others any more than anyone can control yours.  Slow down and learn by looking at the good in the people around you. While you are at it, accentuate the positive aspects of self.

There are everyday jobs to do for family or community that cannot be denied or put off on the 13th. You can get some physical rest on the 14th, but you will be doing inner work. You can rest your bones but not your brain. You will gain by taking a mental inventory about what you did last week. Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? If so, then you can carry on in the direction you are going. This is not a time to cover your boredom with addictions that get you nowhere. Matters dealing with material or unexpected expenses may crop up on the 15th. You may be more sensitive than usual this week and especially on the 18th. Don’t take anything to heart because people talk and talk and seldom even think about the words that come from their mouths. Some of you will feel totally disorganized by the end of the week. If you recognize this in yourself then you can fix it by making a list of the things you must do and sticking to the list. You may want to make a pact with yourself to use a timer so that you won’t allow distractions to get you off track.

You must have patience with those around you on the 13th.  You have to have patience with yourself also. This is easier said than done, but staying power takes practice and practice makes perfect. Take inventory of your assets and liabilities involving money early on this week so that you will know how extravagant you can be later on.  Aggravations come in the form of people who whine and seem to bring their troubles to your door.  Do what you can for them and send them on their way, especially if they have done this before. You can neither save the world nor control the behavior of others. If you don’t own a problem it is not yours to solve. Do not volunteer to do a job before you know what it entails. You could jump into something that can have unexpected twists and turns, tying up your time for longer than you would like. Finish a project that you keep running away from on the 19th, that is if you don’t want to start all over and lose what you have done.

Your business and material possessions need your attention on the 13th.  There are things to do regarding property also. The sooner you do this, the better you will feel because it is not going away. On the 14th, put the finishing touches on a task that you started a long time ago and don’t start something new before you finish the old. You will be in the position to do something productive that involves family and or friends as the week gets under way. Though you need the emotional support of others, there are a few things that you cannot share with anyone. You must depend on yourself for the important things in your life. Some of you will have a surprise visit or phone call on the 19th.  For some there will be sudden changes in your plans, but don’t fret, for you are exactly where you need to be, and if you disagree, then you must rethink the path that has led you to this point.

The 13th is not a day for starting a new and time consuming project; it is a day for finishing the ones you have to in order to make progress. You need to file some things away physically and mentally before you can carry on with something new. It seems as though everyone is getting recognition for a job well done on the 14th. Everybody but you, that is. Take time to hear things through before jumping to conclusions that can mushroom into something out of control. Duty and responsibilities for loved ones seem to interfere with your own business.  Guard against the feeling of confinement by planning to do something different on the 18th. This will be a good day for an outing. The 19th is a day for paying attention to family and friends.

You are starting over in many ways and this will be very apparent to you on the 13th. Remember that in order to really start anew, you must get rid of old baggage and clutter in your physical space and in your mind. You will be in harmony with the world on the 14th as long as you cooperate with the folks around you. The next few days should be enjoyable even though there are personal responsibilities that are keeping you busy.  You will find joy in the fact that you are more organized and efficient than you have been in a long time. The work that you do will show instant results, and that leaves you with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Do something to help another on the 18th, like giving them an inspirational book and in doing so you will help yourself. Patience is your watchword on the 19th.

Frequent mood changes are “par for the course “on the 13th” Remember that what goes down comes back up most of the time. If you feel yourself spiraling downward in your thought process, remember that you have been in the same situation before and you can think yourself into a more positive mood. You can do just about anything on the 14th and are likely to say yes to whatever is asked of you. Don’t do it! Think before you speak or you could end up signing up for more than you can handle. Do your chores on the home front early on the 15th. You will feel better on the inside if your surroundings are neat and orderly. Pay attention to the health of the people who are near and dear to you. There will be obstacles in your path on the 19th, but remember that these are only stumbling blocks that can be turned into stepping stones.

Some of you are so busy with social obligations that it seems impossible to do all the things you promised yourself you would do. Make yourself a list of events according to importance and go from there and remind yourself that you can do whatever you make up your mind to. On the 14th, you must remember that although the year is new, there are many things regarding your work routine that is the same as before. “Woe is me” is your cry when you think about the things that limit your progress ss. Think carefully before you sign on to a get rich quick scheme. If it seems too good to be true, it is. You may need to re think the trust factor in a relationship on the 16th. Money matters, and the fact that it actually does matter is never more apparent than it is on the 18th.  Good judgment and organizing skills is the key to your well being both now and in the future. On the 19th, you will be able to say amen at to an ongoing prayer, for it will be answered. Someone you love very much will say yes to an opportunity. This can be bittersweet for all who are concerned, but it is for the good in the long run.

You are setting a foundation for future months ahead both physically and mentally on the 13th. This requires precision and probably a lot of physical labor. On the 14th, an unforeseen problem could pop up unexpectedly. This is likely involving a relationship, but if you don’t make a big deal of it, it won’t be. This is a week to look at the frayed strings in your world and figure out what to cut and what to tie up. You will know the difference by allowing things to flow. If it feels good, tie it up, if it feels bad, cut it. The 18th is a day for ending busywork projects. There is  a chance for romance if your attitude is right. Some of you will certainly have a different view of life, including close relationships on the 19th.

A chance to go in a different direction is in front of you if you choose to take it. Some of you will embark on a long awaited trip and some will only wish you were. For the latter, remember that you can be anywhere you want to be in your mind and on your computer. On the 14th, someone close will need a shoulder to lean on or perhaps a bit of your time so they can vent. You will not have the energy or patience to deal with the “simpletons” that seem to materialize before you, but you can listen for a while.  If negotiating business on the 16th, be sure you have done your homework. You will begin to recoup your energy by the 18th and you will feel that you have much to look forward to. Illumination is yours on the 19th if you choose to change your outlook on a truth or a consequence in your life.

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