Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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December 8 - 14, 2019

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It seems to me that our world is being infected with negativity that is tearing us apart. Our political leaders seem to make things worse because each side has to be right. I think we should all follow rules based on truth. There is no alternative. Each and every one of us walks a different path in life and that is why a ďone size fits allĒ solution is not possible. Take time to listen and to think things through and perhaps this will help you to find the middle ground on issues that you donít agree with. You can learn a lot by observing others and opening your mind. People who are narrow minded are often going down a path that is too narrow to allow the people they love to walk beside them. Itís like a horse that you kept tight reins and blinders on since it was a pony.  If he is not allowed a broader view of his environment along the way, curiosity will eventually win over and he will bolt.   Take the blinders off. A wider and more satisfying path can be created by giving him his head. You may have to change your tactics a bit, but you know that you cannot control the thoughts of others any more than anyone can control yours.  Slow down and learn by looking at the good in the people around you. While you are at it, accentuate the positive aspects of self.

A happy talkative social day is the menu for the day if you are up to attending functions. Be mindful that feelings are still a bit more   sensitive so watch what you say and listen carefully to others because you still have a tinge of anxiety left over from last week.   Try not to dwell too much about all the work that is before you on the 9th or you could be overwhelmed. Make yourself a list of things you have to do in the proper order and get busy. You will indeed survive the week as long as you do something productive every day. You will crave a chance to get away from it all on the 10th and it can happen if you really want to do it. I suggest you jump on any opportunity for it will help to clear your mind. Family issues will emerge on the 11th.  Someone close to you will need some special consideration. Be thankful that they respect you enough to come to you. On the 12th, know that you may feel very much alone in facing the trials and tribulations of the day. Sometimes we feel that way even in the midst of many. Remind yourself of all the positive people who are in your life and you will realize that if you feel alone it is the result of what is going on in your head. .  The 13th brings the necessity to adopt a no-nonsense attitude about your responsibilities. Get organized and get the ball rolling early. You can avoid distractions if you let it be known that you are not available for trivial matters. Try to stick to each task to its completion and you will be very pleased with your progress by dayís end.  There are business and domestic issues that you must tend to without delay. This could pertain to anything from your finances, career decisions, down to taking out the trash. In all probability, a transaction or an agreement that you have waited for will be addressed. You may have mixed feelings about the outcome. There always seems to be someone in your surroundings who just has to be a nuisance. Make an effort to pause before blurting out what you think of them. Some situations are best met by saying nothing. This is one of the instances that silence can get your point across better than a thousand words.

A better understanding of the people and the situations around you will result in more harmony in your life. That doesnít mean that you should agree to comply with their every whim. Only that you have learned more about what works and what doesnít so you have a better way of handling things. There seems to be a new sense of independence and self-confidence in your aura on and after the 8th due to the hard work you have done.  Surprises that seem to emerge from thin air can help you achieve this feeling. Remember that it is okay to say no to a family member.  A misunderstanding could cause some unnecessary antagonism between folks who are near and dear to you. Try to stay calm this week and remind yourself to listen more than you talk.  Moderation is your watchword on the 9th for this is a day that could lead you into temptation regarding addictive behavior if that is an issue. It wonít be long before you enter your #3 personal year and your life should show signs of running a little more smoothly if youíll simply relax and go with the flow. Meanwhile, you just have to hang in there and put up with the hustle and bustle that surrounds you. The best advice I can think of is to live in the moment. If you can handle now, then the future will take care of itself. Service is the word to remember in order to have the best day possible on the 10th. When you greet everyone you meet with a smile, you have helped to make their day a little brighter. Some of you are faced with making a decision that requires serious thought on the 11th. You can ask someone you trust for input but when all is said and done you are the one who will decide what to do on the 12th.  The 13th brings the necessity to adopt ďwhatever happens, I can handle it, attitude.Ē You may be wondering if the wacky life you are living is real or a soap opera. There are stretches of time where things seem to be moving along nicely, then ďpopĒ here comes a spoiler who is determined to mess with your mood. When this happens, call or go and have a talk to someone you can count on to put things in perspective. The 14th brings on an unexpected occasion. No matter what your instincts tell you to do or say, your right action here is to think before you do.  Sleep on it and you will be glad you did.

The opportunity to change your plans or direction you are going is there for you on the 8th. It is important to make decisions concerning commitments based on solid facts. It is always good to think things through before you make any a rash decision. Some of you will be obliged to tend to domestic matters on the 9th.  Sometimes you have very little time for yourself, but you are happy to do things for others. Whatever they need most is your first concern and your needs can wait. This is a day to meet and handle obstacles. Your opinions are best kept to yourself unless you are specifically asked. Even then, you must handle situations and people with care.  Some problems that you dealt with three months ago should be cleared up by now. You seem to be more in harmony with the world now than you were them. Some of you may feel like you did as a child, if only for fleeting moments. Allow the child in you to emerge.  Remember to set your boundaries at the beginning of the week and give yourself a grade on how you fared at the end. Let go of the baggage that is slowing you down on the 12th. Some of it is simply no longer needed. Do a good deed for someone or perhaps perform a random act of kindness. The recipient does not even have to know it was you who did it. This kind of thing is what we need more of. We need to do something to restore more confidence in humanity that many have seemed to have lost.

You could be one of the noble few who are donating their time to build something that can make a positive difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate. There could be a difference of opinion as to what your method should be.  You are doing the work so you get to use your own common sense and logic here to do it your way. The 9th is a day that your intuition will be heightened by symbols all around you.  Pay attention to them and you may come across something or someone who sparks creative ideas. The 11th is not the best day for signing paperwork involving property. If it cannot be postponed, then read the fine print very carefully. Any time money is concerned, it is imperative to make decisions based on proven facts rather than blind trust. This is for the good of all.

You can increase your spiritual capacity by studying the ancient books. Symbolism is used over and over in the Bible and it is interpreted in many ways. Find some time to be alone to read, write and meditate on the meaning of life. The verses in the Bible have different meanings to different people because everyone walks a different path. You can get your week off to a fine start by taking some time to be alone to think about where youíve been, where you are now and figuring out where you want to go from here.  Enjoy some time to reflect on this. Meanwhile, back to the real world, here are some of the probabilities that could be in store for you. Expenses related to property could emerge on the 9th.  A new and original idea to generate revenue may be forming in your mind. Talk to good friends about this and make note of any advice or idea that comes your way. You will have flashes of inspiration from time to time in your waking moments but some of your best guidance comes from your dreams. Make a note before you go to sleep and write them down. Dreams are one of the awesome free tools God gives to us. They can provide valuable insights to help us to sort out and understand our lives in the here and now.  Accept invitations to social activities if possible. You may not be in the mood at the time, but you could change your mind closer to the time of the event.  You need to get out and mingle to give people the gift of your company and you will receive the gift of precious memories. Who knows, there could be Angels dressed up like people to give you the courage you need for the peace of mind you need to set you free to be the person you are meant to be.

Adjustments are likely being made in relation to your home and family life. Some things you instigated earlier this year are likely to be completed by the 8th.  It is also quite possible that this will include one or more business activities. What you started should be become a reality by the end of the week. A closure in a business or a romantic relationship is a real possibility by the end of the month.  If this pertains to you, now is the time to be thinking about the best way to close this chapter of your life. Try to act with kindness and appreciation when possible. This will make it easier for great memories to live on. Some of you will experience a new sense of freedom by the end of this time period. This will give you a hint of what lies ahead for the remainder of this year and there is a promise of rapid spiritual growth for the coming year. Listen carefully to the people who depend on you for advice with an open heart and mind.  Save a little time to treat yourself to something you want for yourself.  For those who celebrate it, Christmas will likely be different for you in some ways this year. Some of you have stuck it out for long enough for justice in a domestic situation to finally be served. Now, more than at any time in the last few years, things seem to be more settled bringing a long awaited sense of peacefulness to you.  You fold your arms, sit back and look at all that you have accomplished. You have this gut feeling that your life is turning to a new and more fulfilling direction. There is a lot of responsibility on the horizon for you, but you can handle because of the deep spiritual commitment you have made. You may be feeling a bit nostalgic about what you left behind on the 11th.  Know that if this involves a romantic interest, it will not fade because of a temporary separation. For some of you, it will only fan the flames and make the reunion all the more meaningful. You are in the attention getter, even if only for a few moments on the 12th.  It may happen at a social gathering or a community event, all eyes will be on your at some point.   Avoid being careless with your words by repeating something you heard through the grapevine. If you do not know for sure about something or someone, do not repeat it. Donít repeat anyone or anything based on assumption. You and others will suffer the consequences for spreading Gossip. You have work to do on the 13th in order to be ready for some unanticipated news about a friend or family member that surfaces on the 14th. It could come about in a surprise visit.

Shadows from your path could reappear in the form of someone you havenít seen in a while. Reflections from you past can put you in a wistful mood. Wherever you are and whatever is happening is of your own making. Good, bad or ugly, you are where you need to be. You constantly create lessons you must to learn in this life. You may also be worried because something you expected didnít materialize. Concentrate on spiritual and intellectual remedies rather than material wants on the 9th. Negotiation can bring about the need to make concessions on the 10th. Listen to the opinions and thoughts of others and be willing to compromise but donít be as gullible as you were in the past. A little planning like maybe a list of chores in the right order early in the week can save you time. Go forward and do what is necessary. You should have a better understanding of your spirit as a result of soul searching these past few months. Be obliging to the people around you but you canít allow their issues to become your issues. You canít fix people because you donít own their problems.  This realization has to come before you can begin to make progress in the knowledge of self.

Itís time for you to take the lead on the 8th if things are not moving along as fast as you like. Whatever goals you have for the week will require your cooperation with other people. The real task for you to tackle is the necessity to put yourself in anotherís shoes and to show them that you care about their feelings. Details must be worked out on the 9th and that may be a bit of a chore for some of you because of emotional highs and lows. Think before you speak on the 10th.  Your choice of words is important to others because you are important part of many lives. You may bump into someone from your past on the 12th.  Reminders of the camaraderie you shared with them can bring back memories of the warmth you once shared.  Itís back to reality on the 12th and 13th. The needs of friends or family are likely to demand your attention. Do what you can to encourage them but in the end they are responsible for their own problems.

You will have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others today by sharing your knowledge and expertise of problem solving with your unique way with words. You have the unique power to help certain people learn and understand and overcome the obstacles that are before them.  Communication with people can open up possibilities for themselves. This ability to help others will do wonders for your own sense of worth and well being. Your company will be desired by many on the 9th. Guard against spreading yourself too thin. Family, and those who are close to you are always important, but this will be more apparent to you on the 12th.  The pressure and the people around you will try your nerves on more occasions than one. As I have said many times before, you cannot control the behavior of others, but if you talk some sense into yourself, you will be able to control your reactions in order to avoid making the situation worse. This can lower the anxiety level for everyone. You may need an extra dose of tolerance on the 13th. It seems that more people act inappropriately around the holidays than any other time. Perhaps the frequent social gatherings and the abundance of liquid refreshments contribute to the mayhem. They probably act the same way all year but you only see them on holidays.  You canít control their behavior, but you can control the invitation list to your own parties.

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