Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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January 19 - 25, 2020

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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
Numberscopes will be published as she is able to get online.

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It seems to me that our world is being infected with negativity that is tearing us apart. Our political leaders seem to make things worse because each side has to be right. I think we should all follow rules based on truth. There is no alternative. Each and every one of us walks a different path in life and that is why a ďone size fits allĒ solution is not possible. Take time to listen and to think things through and perhaps this will help you to find the middle ground on issues that you donít agree with. You can learn a lot by observing others and opening your mind. People who are narrow minded are often going down a path that is too narrow to allow the people they love to walk beside them. Itís like a horse that you kept tight reins and blinders on since it was a pony.  If he is not allowed a broader view of his environment along the way, curiosity will eventually win over and he will bolt.   Take the blinders off. A wider and more satisfying path can be created by giving him his head. You may have to change your tactics a bit, but you know that you cannot control the thoughts of others any more than anyone can control yours.  Slow down and learn by looking at the good in the people around you. While you are at it, accentuate the positive aspects of self.

Thereís work to do at home today, but not so much that you canít get it out of the way early. Later in the day you will have the opportunity to join others in getting things done on a bigger project. This could be considered work, but it will be more fun because you are interacting with others. The feeling of confinement is the last thing you want on the 21st but you may have to deal with it because there isnít a choice. Remember that you can be anywhere you want in your mind and use that ability. There are things you can do to feel more connected with the world and itís up to you to find them. There are responsibilities to family or community that cannot be denied or put off on the 22nd. You can rest easier physically on the 23rd, but you will be doing inner work. You can improve your state of mind by taking a mental inventory of what you have accomplished so far this year. If you are satisfied with the progress you have made, then go on about your business in the same way. If you feel you could have done better physically or mentally, then there is time to reapply yourself a bit in order to get on track with the goals you set for yourself. Ignore the urge to partake in bad habits that you promised yourself you would try to change.  Matters dealing with material or unexpected expenses may crop up on the 24th, but you will be able to handle it. The end of the week is a good time to catch up on whatever it is you are behind on. Finish what you started so you will be ready for new opportunities that are coming your way.

Do a little socializing today if the opportunity arises. The 20th is a great day for discussing just about anything you have an interest in. Just make sure you know your facts if you happen to get into a discussion about politics.  Your opinion is just as valuable as anyone elseís  as long as you know what you are talking about.  People sometimes repeat what they hear through the grapevine like a bunch of parrots. Ask them questions about their sources of information if you think this is the case. You canít do this very effectively unless the information you give out is based on provable facts. Your advice will be needed by close friends and family on the 21st. When people come to you for advice, you must guard against absorbing their problems into your emotions. You cannot control the behavior of others, nor can you come up with magic words to make everything better. What you can do is to listen to them and perhaps make a suggestion or two. You must have patience with yourself as well as those around you on the 22nd.  This is easier said than done, but patience takes practice and practice makes perfect. Balance your checkbook on the 23rd so that you will know where you stand with your discretionary funds.  Aggravations come in the form of people who whine and always seem to bring their troubles to your door.  Do not volunteer to take on a job before you know what it entails. Balance is needed on the 26th and you can achieve that by eliminating some of the boredom in your daily routine. Be aware that you are more sensitive than usual toward the end of the week so it is important that you make a mental note to avoid taking the words and actions of others personally. Your attendance at a social event may be requested. If so, go and know that the folks you interact with will have their lives enriched by being in your presence.

Altruism is the theme for the 20th. Service to humanity is a wonderful thing to behold, and if you are performing that service, you are doubly blessed. Keep that in mind and take some time alone on the 21st to think about where you are in your path and perhaps tweak your plans a bit in order to carry on toward your goals in a meaningful way. The 22nd is a day to take care of your own business regarding material possessions and property.  Chances are there is an issue that you need to look into. The sooner you do this, the better. These things donít go away. The 23rd is a fine day to put finishing touches on a task you started a while back. It is important that you do this before you start anything new. You will be in a position to do something productive that involves family and or friends as the week gets under way. You will be as busy as can be this week and especially on the 26th. If you get yourself organized you can do everything you need to do with great success. It may not be necessary to do all the work yourself, but it is necessary for you to inspect the work others do for you. You donít want to come off as being too bossy. With a little thought, you can do this with tact.

You may have feelings of loneliness at times on this day. This can happen even in the midst of many, but itís not a big deal. If you feel lonely it is because of the way you are thinking and you can change your thinking in an instant. All of us are alone at times really and that is not necessarily a bad thing. If it makes you sad you can also share your feelings with another and then you are not alone anymore. Shake that mood, for you have a lot to do on the 21st and you will have the energy you need to accomplish all that and more. Make business a pleasure by hanging out with achievers. The 22nd is not a day to start something new; it is a day for finishing what you already started. You need to file some things away physically and mentally before you can successfully begin a new project or venture. It seems there is recognition for a job well done on the 23rd.   For everybody but you, that is. Take time to let things settle and by the 24th you will be glad you didnít jump to conclusions.  The 25th is a day in which communication is a key factor for success.  Being in the presence of others can boost your ego and help everybody involved to feel better at the same time. Duty and responsibilities for loved ones seem to interfere with your own business on the 26th, but youíve got to do your part. Just know when your part ends and theirs begins.

Organize, take care of business and realize that you are a leader and role model to people in your circle in many ways. On the 21st, get a good start to the work week by eliminating some unnecessary clutter in your home and in your mind. Hanging on to things that have outlived their usefulness is like having an albatross around your neck. There are burdens that you can and should rid yourself of in order to make your life easier. You are starting over in some areas and this will be more apparent to you on the 22nd.  You will be in harmony with the world on the 23rd as long as you are cooperative with the folks around you. The next few days should be enjoyable even though there are personal responsibilities that are keeping you busy.  You will find joy in the fact that you are more organized and efficient than you have been in a long time. The work that you do will show instant results, and that leaves you with a feeling of pride and accomplishment

There will be obstacles in your path on the 20th, but remember that these stumbling blocks often turn into stepping stones. They could also be timing mechanisms to get you where you need to be at the right time. A new day is dawning on the 21st and along with it a new way of looking at old things. Thatís another reason for the obstacles, and that is to stop you long enough to think about things.  Sudden mood change is likely on the 22nd.  Remember that what goes up comes back down. A good mood can turn bad then back again in a short period of time. You feel you can do just about anything on the 23rd and are likely to say yes to whatever is asked of you. Think before you raise your hand or you could end up signing up for more than you can handle. Do your chores on the home front early on the 24th. You will feel better on the inside if your surroundings are neat and orderly. Pay attention to the health of the people who are near and dear to you, especially on the 26th.

Some of you are so busy with family obligations that are more and more difficult to handle. The costs of keeping up with family expenses keep rising and some of you are being asked to spend huge amounts of money for social obligations. You canít do the impossible and thereís no time like the present to say ďenough alreadyĒ! There are some things that you are not really obliged to do.  Make yourself a list of events according to importance and set limits on expenditures. Even though the year is new, there are many issues that havenít been settled from last year. You can sit in the corner and pout or you can take each matter as it comes and deal with it with precision until they are settled to your satisfaction.  Leave no loose ends dangling, or the problems will come back. This always happens when you are dealing with money. Pay attention to the fine print in any and all paperwork that comes through for your approval. When something seems too good to be true it usually is. This is not a time to take someoneís word for anything. Think carefully before you agree to sign up for something that seems too good to be true. Some of you did that in 2003 and lost a bundle in the process. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Use your common sense and rethink the trust factor in a relationship on the 25th.  Find some time to be alone on the 26th for you need to mull over some of the things you have learned about human nature during the last year or two, yours included. Maybe itís time to get back to the basics of life.

Your sensitive side kicks in on the 20th. Be aware of your heightened intuition and realize that the situations that surround are not always what they may seem on the surface. Be fair in your assessment of the people around you. If you are not sure about the meaning of a gesture or a statement, ask for clarification. On the 21st, you tend to feel more optimistic and good-natured than usual and that is a good thing. Live in the moment and bask in the good feelings. You are setting a foundation for your future both physically and mentally on the 22nd. This requires precision and physical labor. On the 23rd, an unforeseen problem could be facing you. This is likely involving a relationship, but if you donít make a big deal of it, it wonít be. This is a week to look at the frayed strings in your world and figure out what to cut and what to tie up. You will know the difference by allowing things to run their course.  If it feels good, tie it up, if it hinders your progress, get rid of it.

Catch up with your correspondence on the 20th. It is a good day to make connections with others, so you should take advantage of any social event that presents itself. If you go to church, donít be in a rush to get home. Stay for refreshments and you could meet someone who has something to interest you.  During the first part of the week there is a chance for you to go in a different direction. It is right in front of you if you choose to take it. Some of you will embark on a long awaited trip and some will only wish they were. For the latter, remember that you can be anywhere you want to be in your mind and on your computer. On the 23rd, someone close will need a shoulder to lean on or perhaps a bit of your time so they can vent. You will not have the energy or patience to deal with everyone who comes to you but you can listen for a while.  If negotiating business on the 25th, be sure you have done your homework. Your energy may be low on the 26th making you a bit moody. Do a good deed for someone. Whether you know them or not, this is always a spirit lifter.

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