Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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November 22 - 28, 2020
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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, never been quarantined for any length of time, much less for an indefinite time.  Just when we need one another most, we are told to keep our distance.  That does not mean we stop caring about one another.  Call your neighbors, especially older people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  If you are well enough to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, find out what they need and bring it to them.  Ordering from Amazon?  See if those around you need anything.  Together, your total could save you a $35 surcharge!

Take care of yourself.  WEAR A MASK WHEN IN PUBLIC.  Wash your hands often -- regular soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Touch your face as little as possible -- it's hard!  Limit direct contact with others, and stay out of crowds.  Remember, we need you here!

Your time will be better will be well spent on mental tasks to begin the week. Catch up on current events for things are happening at a rapid pace locally and globally.  I would advise you to be cautious before you repeat what you hear to others in your circle. In the rush to get exclusive coverage, reports from journalists, often contain assumptions that are later retracted. This applies to all areas of your life. There is enough uncertainty these days without adding more. On the 23rd, sensitive matters regarding money must be discussed and resolved as they arise.  This will save time and help to avoid a bigger problem later. Regardless of your age and gender, most of you have had an overload of information going through your mind this month. Try not to judge people or situations by what you hear. Even if you are certain of the all the facts it is best not to point fingers.  On another note, you will learn a lot by attending festivities during this seven-day period. Dress nicely if you go out on the 27th.  You may see someone that you didnít expect to see.  That someone can be important to your career in the future. If you have children, donít underestimate the awesome role you have as a Mom, Dad, big brother, sister or friend.  Keep in mind that there is an immeasurable amount of good that comes from being mentor and role model for the people around you. You will have work to do on the 28th. You might as well be ready for the stage is set for work for the coming month. You are paving the way for a smoother road ahead by thinking really hard about where you are and where your current path is leading. You can make things easier on yourself and everybody else by changing course now if need be. If frustration begins to take hold, stop what you are doing. Think things through from both ends of the spectrum before you get yourself worked up. Anger begets more anger. It can make you sick. Replace anger with compassion.

Money is an issue on the 22nd.  Property and other assets are to be organized and close attention to the balance and order of your ongoing business deals must be tended to without delay. The 23rd is not a day to start a big project or to make really big decisions. It is a day to finish the old projects left undone. In most cases, you can handle this in very little time. You may have to wait for someone else to do their part before you can get things finalized. This can be done by a little prodding and a lot of patience.   You may feel like starting a new venture on the 24th.  Think before you commit to something that may prove to be too much work for you as time goes on. I would love to have everything in my home cleared of clutter and organized, but it is not as easy as it seems. The mental clutter has to be cleared before I will see it in my physical path.  Then there is the task of getting motivated enough to take the first step of many toward getting things done physically. You teach what you need to learn.  Iíve been writing these little bits of advice and inspiration for a long time nigh on to twenty years. Obviously I am a very slow learner. The second half of the week you will need to work on some of the discontent you are feeling inside. Holding it inside will affect your health.  This is an ongoing thing that seems to take up residence in your mind from time to time. The reasons for this frustration vary, but they come back in cycles. It seems more likely to surface when politics are in the headlines. As the week comes to an end, you have responsibilities to promises to keep requiring movement on your part. Procrastination will make things harder on you later.

There are some things that you cannot control, but they can still aggravate you to death. Sometimes we want to shout at the folks who make a habit of doling out misery. It never ceases to amaze me to discover the clever new ways that telephone and internet providers come up with to take your money. Super markets use tactics like advertising a product at a low price. When you look very closely at the ads there is often fine print that is not noticeable to most people. For instance, I discovered twelve packs of soda on sale this week for $2.77 each. When I checked out I saw that I had been charged $5.99 each for the three I had in my buggy. Looking closer at the ad I saw the fine print saying you had to buy four 12 packs to get the sale price. I think this is deceptive. You shouldnít have to study a grocery ad like it was a high school exam. Some of you made changes in your spending habits earlier in the month that will show up in your pocketbook later in the week. Make it a point to open your mail the day you receive it. Companies change the due dates so they can cash in on the late fees. Debtors resort to trickery to get extra fees from you. You have to watch for these underhanded practices everywhere these days. Greed seems to be trumping justice in every sense of the word. I have written about this before stating that it was just my humble opinion. Now I say that my opinion has been proven right over and over again. The theme for the week is to avoid pick-pockets.

Itís time to look at the plans for the new venture that has been waiting in the wings for quite some time. The work you have to do in preparation is tedious but must be done with precision. When you are setting the foundation for a project such as this, it must be firm. If you are ready to put 100% of your time and effort into it, roll up your sleeves and get busy with it. You wonít be able to see any significant progress right away but you know it is imperative for you to give it your best shot.  Cooperation with others is necessary on the 23rd and you will be asked to compromise on an issue in order to keep the peace in relationship a relationship. Social occasions are there for you if you feel inclined to participate, but you are likely to be too busy focusing on your responsibilities a job this week if you expect to complete it. Your mind is scattered much like a cartoon around midweek. Someone from your past could reappear or get in touch with you on the 27th or thereabouts. Keep this in mind when making plans for the weekend.  Take care in picking the company you keep on the 28th.  Donít be surprised if things turn out different from what you imagined by the end of the week. As it turns out you will probably come to the conclusion that you did all the work while others played.

You will experience an illumination on the 22nd. It can come in many forms but a vision of things to come will be revealed to you. It could come in the form of a dream but be sure to record the dream upon awakening. Donít leave out a thing. Something that seems to have no meaning at first will be the key to the enlightenment in the final interpretation. Be aware of the fact that your addictive nature will be very active on the 23rd. Do not accept an invitation to visit a casino if gambling is your weakness.  Stay away from all you can eat buffets if it is food that you canít resist. The 24th is a day to get back to the basics, do the work you are responsible for and do your best to stay out of trouble.  If you enter a room in the middle of a heated argument you may have to fight the urge to jump into the melee when you donít know what started it all in the first place. Even if you think you have it figured out, it is best to back off and out of the picture. The libido is at its prime on the 25th and even the most self disciplined among us will find it hard to resist the urge to indulge.  Given the circumstances even a platonic relationship can be tempting. I suggest you lose yourself in work and go somewhere that you can be alone to meditate and to think about your life path and to try to figure out what you were put on this earth to do.  Some of you may witness strange actions coming from the folks around you. People around you may be acting a bit strange. Donít ask questions because you are better off not knowing. Keep your mouth shut, for scathing arguments will only cause problems for you. The behavior of others is not your responsibility and you are not going to change that. Shadows from your past reappear on the 28th bringing about some sentimental feelings. Do not allow sadness to enter into your thought process. This is the time for freeing yourself from unnecessary concerns from the past. You must make room for the changes that are taking place in your heart and in your space. 
Start the day with positive affirmations and visualize yourself in a place that makes you feel good.  Do this and you will stop any negative energy heading your way. The 22nd is a day in which you truly can create your own reality using your thoughts. Focus on getting your work done as quickly as possible on the 23rd. You only have a certain amount of time for each chore so organization is a must. Deep breaths can help you to clear your head.  Some of the clutter in your personal space and in your head must be cleared before you can proceed to make progress in your current endeavor. To be confined on the 25th will be like torture to you, so plan something that can use up some of the nervous energy you have. It is home and hearth and personal relationships that are prominent in your life on the 26th. There are responsibilities outside your family to be dealt with and it is up to you to balance your time so that you can fulfill both obligations. Pay attention to material issues on the 27th.  Make sure you put aside some money for maintenance. Take care of business on the 28th. There are matters to be maintained or finalized.

The 22nd will likely be filled with the work it takes to fulfill prior commitments and obligations. This can restrict your activities and make you feel as though you are trapped. A commitment is a promise and debts from the past must be settled. The 23rd is another day and you will have the opportunity feel the breeze and revel in the feeling that freedom provides. Go outside and enjoy the miracles that nature can provide. If weather is a factor, choose another activity that interests you.  A clearer picture of what makes you happy comes with being free. You may encounter a person you havenít seen in a while and seen in a while and some of you will see this person in a brand new light. Some of the things you assumed in the past will prove to be inaccurate. One little assumption can turn facts upside down. Donít make them, and donít believe the things you hear.  A person or people will need your help on or around the 24th.  It seems that someone is always offering or needing your services. This time the service is a little understanding. You may be tired and not in the mood, but you will come through for a friend or a relative when needed. You have helped them in the past and when you realize you are appreciated, you will be glad you did. Take some time to be alone and meditate on your day, your week and your life path. Think about what you were doing last week and last month that made you feel good. Do more of the things that you like with the folks you love. The 26th is a day to plan your budget for the next couple of months. You can live within your means and have just as much fun with some early preparation.  Tie up loose ends on the 27th and 28th so youíll be good and ready for the opportunities that come to you in business and pleasure for the rest of the year.

You will have the opportunity to experience more variety on the 22nd. Things that never appealed to you in the past seem to take on new meaning. Some of you have changed the way you think about and conducted your business recently. There is a window of opportunity for you in business on the 23rd if you are in the right place at the right time. Keep your eyes and ears open. You will have a better idea of that this means as the week goes on. On another note, it is important that you exercise your body and eat healthy food at regular intervals. You have a tendency to be so preoccupied with other things that you may actually forget to eat. You may think this is unnecessary now, but if you live long enough, you will be glad you did what it takes to keep your parts working. The 28th is the day to work on a contract with yourself to practice healthier living from here on out. Share your plans and invite others to join you. Try your best to cooperate with people in your professional and your personal life.

Family and relationship matters have presented real hurdles lately. These hurdles have been impossibly high. The results often lead to mental physical or emotional exhaustion.  Emotional and mental fatigue can be harder to handle, because you just collapse after a while when you deprive yourself of sleep. The emotional and mental problems must be resolved in a different way. There is professional help available for this kind of if you agree to take advantage of it. There are also support groups for everything you can think of. You can help yourself by listening to their stories even if you donít care to share your own.  Social or community activities are plentiful during the latter part of the week. Make it a point to attend celebrations and you will be amazed at how uplifting it can be.

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