Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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July 15 - 21, 2018

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An unanticipated call or visit could brighten up your day to begin this week, or it could threaten to put a kink in your plans. It is according to whom it is and or what it pertains to. How you handle the little obstacles in your life makes a big difference in the effects it has on your own quality of life. Family members or those who are constantly around you could include a very annoying person as the week gets under way. Again, the calmer you are in handling these little aggravations, the less they will bother you in the goings on for the rest of the week. Your income could be augmented if you act on your hunches toward the end of this seven day period. Pay close attention to the random thoughts in your brain on the 20th and 21st for there are times that ideas come into your mind like bubbles in a cartoon.  Pay heed and make note if you can, for they escape as quickly as they come.

You will likely begin the week by facing domestic issues. You could even find yourself in the middle of an argument. The key to coming out of this unscathed is to remind yourself to be logical and to keep your own emotions out of the picture. Take your time in making decisions and guard against jumping to conclusions on the 16th.  Take care of business on the 16th and go over your math again on any document that pertains to money. Check one more time to make sure figures are correct. Think only positive thoughts on the 20th. If you remember that you can’t take the remarks and actions of folks personally, you will be more inclined to have some fun doing something you enjoy on the 21st.

Today, the 15th of July is probably a very good day to indulge something that makes you happy. The small talk of others will likely bore you silly. If you can’t be around people who think like you, then solitude is probably your best bet. The 16th can bring a flash of good luck in the form of material gain. Try not to allow your emotions to overcome your good sense. It is what it is, no more, no less. Your energy level should be up for starting a new project if the opportunity presents itself. Some of you have been in a rut and have gone through some periods of indecision. That is now over and any self-doubt you have or had is history. Know that now you have turned a corner, reached a new level, and should be better able to deal with whatever is put in your path from here on out.

Today, the 15th of July is a day for dealing with money and finances. If you have anything to buy or sell, today is the day to close the deal. Remember to be fair in all your dealings. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes if you are selling and you will have a far better chance of getting a good and fair deal for yourself.  New avenues open up for you on the 16th due to an unforeseen turn of events.  On or after the 17th of the month there will likely be a turning point in a personal relationship. A little extra patience and cooperation today will lead to more harmony and success tomorrow. Responsible work ethics must be employed on the 20th because there is so much that must be done. Start early with your duties for you can get twice as much done in the first few hours of your day than you can later on. The new interests that attract your attention may not be as appealing to the folks you hang around with on a daily basis. Don’t let them get in the way of your enthusiasm.

Get busy and tie up the loose ends that are dragging you down. There are some things that need to be done to free you up for the week to come. Illumination can be yours because of some unexpected encounters coming your way this week. You could instantly see a situation or a person in a different light than you have in the past.  Choose your words carefully during this time period for you may be called upon to be the mediator in a controversy of some kind. The best thing to do is to refuse to be caught up in something that is not of your making. Say yes to invitations to social events that may come up at the end of this week. You may have to make concessions if you are dealing with family or close associates. Remind yourself that being stubborn will only cause you more impediments in your path.

Grab the chance to help someone in need today and you will see that in helping them, you are helping yourself more than you know. Think about how often someone comes to you for advice and you realize that the reassurances you give to them are the very ones you need in your own life at the time. You will be requested to give your honest opinion about something or someone around July 17th.  Take a deep breath, choose your words very carefully, and attempt to make the truth as tactful as you can.  The future of a relationship is likely to be decided on or around the 20th.  Schedule some time to chill out on the 21st.

Today is a day in which you must look below the surface to find the true meaning of the events and circumstances that are in your life. By doing this you will find yourself above the foolishness that goes on in some of your associations. The 16th calls for you to be practical and never allow the thoughtlessness of others to affect your peace of mind.  Early this week, look for an unexpected announcement that will prove to be quite nice.  A family or a relationship matter will have to be addressed on or around the 17th. You will be super sensitive this week, so keep this in mind and guard against taking things personally. At times, you tend to get all bent out of shape up about trivial things that will not make a bit of difference in the grand scheme of it all.

Communication is your personal key to this the 15th day of July. Try to think before you speak. You could get so caught up in conversation that you are tempted to tell everything you know about a certain situation. This in turn could betray a confidence that can cause you a heap of trouble. A change in plans could pop up on or around the 16th. This should not be a cause for anxiety.  Sometimes the Universe works in ways that we don’t understand and the best thing to do is to stay steady in your knowledge that you will be rewarded in accordance to your deeds of the past. The new responsibility placed on your shoulder will not be more than you to handle. This may seem to be another weight for you to add to your already heavy load, but it will not be a problem.

Use the 15th to do some busy work that can be done alone. The foibles of other people will not fit well with your mood this week. Tend to the little things that do not require a lot of concentration. In doing this you can use this time for reflection. Look back at where you have been and where you are now in this time and place in your life path. Express your unresolved emotions by writing your feelings down in a journal. This will enable you to better understand the reasons for any friction taking place. Try to take some time to connect to a higher power as often as you can, but especially on and after the 17th.  An idea for a new move toward solving a persistent problem could come to you in an epiphany. For some of you, this will be a sudden intuitive leap of realization of what you life’s work really is.

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