Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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September 23 - 29, 2018

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Today, the 23rd is a day in which some of you are overwhelmed with the responsibilities that are put upon you. You wonder why people you care for wait until the last minute to take care of their own business and often come up short, they come to you for a hand out. Maybe you bailed them out in the past and they think you’ll do it again. If you want to stop the pattern, then change things by setting boundaries and sticking to them. The 25th of September is prime time for taking action on a business deal that can help you in the future.  It is a good idea to let people in on the progress you are making if you are looking an investor.  Remember to blow your own horn so that someone else doesn’t get credit for something you created. You may even find a buyer for something you have wanted to sell for a long time. Take care of your personal finances on the 25th for things may not go exactly as planned on the 26th. This could leave you with no time to finish up yesterday’s leftover business.  Pay attention to the freshness of the food you purchase at the marketplace. Depend on yourself when making decisions on the 27th for depending on others could put you in an awkward situation. There is a change in store for you at the end of the week. Think about the good things your creator has done for you thus far and begin to visualize the good things that can happen in the future. Think good and you get good, think nasty and that it will be. Clean up the nasty in your mind.

Do whatever you can to help someone in a pinch as the week commences. You are appreciated more than you know. Endurance is the thing you need most in your personal life for the next couple of days. You may need some time alone to think about some important decisions coming up. Some of you will experience extreme highs and lows on or around the 27th. Make a conscious effort to be with people who genuinely care about you. Ups and downs and highs and lows are to be expected during this time period. You just have to remain flexible enough to roll with the tide.  Keep ever thing you do on the up and up for there are no free lunches in this life. You can look from side to side and front and back and see nobody watching, but look up and you will know that the ultimate scorekeeper knows and sees all.

Property and things of value are important to you to begin this week. If there is anything you have doubts about in that area, take a look at the paperwork on the 23rd. If there isn’t any paperwork, then create some in the form of a reminder to do this every week this month. The 24th is a day to pay attention to family and loved ones. Don’t forget a birthday or an anniversary for goodness sake. Give someone a compliment if they deserve one. There is work to be done on the 28th and it may require you to break a sweat. You can handle any chore with ease as long as you psych yourself up in your mind a couple of days before. Some of you will be in for a surprise on the 29th. It may be a phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in a while or a chance encounter at a social function.  Take notice of the people you surround yourself with. Pay attention also to your thoughts in all situations. Life is too short to hang with folks who are full of themselves. Some of you need to pay extra attention to the people who have always been there for you. In your soul you know what is true, and it will set you free. Live every day with good people and good thoughts and every day will be good to you.

Some of you are fighting the urge to envy because of the material success of others. Guard against feeling resentful due to the fact that you are jealous. Sure, sometimes you do the work and others seem to get the credit. Have patience, for your scorekeeper is far more powerful than the mortals that you are coveting.  Try to finish the projects that may be lingering on too long. This way you will be ready for the next project that is in store for you. You may feel that the folks around you are not doing their share on or around the 25th. Get over it and realize that you can do many things for yourself and that others don’t think about you because they have confidence in the fact that you can likely fend for yourself due to the obstacles you have faced and overcome in the past.

Thoughts of change are likely to occupy your mind as this week begins. You may even have thoughts of moving to a new region because of the weather or just because you need new scenery. Pay attention to the little things in your life on the 25th for details will be important later on in the day. On the 27th, you will likely be extremely restless. So much so that confinement will be maddening. If it is impossible for you to get out and about, think about exercising to burn up that excess energy. Pay attention to your money this week. Check to make sure you are not shortchanged. Another good idea is to put your money and or credit card back where it belongs after every transaction. It is much easier to just stuff it all in the top of your pocketbook or to keep it in your hands, but this increases the chances of losing or misplacing it. The only thing you can expect for sure this week is the unexpected.

Opportunities to socialize this week are plentiful for most of you. Look at your calendar on the 23rd and make sure you don’t have conflicting engagements. You may have to give and take in order to make everyone happy. Someone close to you will need your attention on the 24th. Try to take the time out to give close friends and family some undivided attention; especially the ones who you have counted on time and time again during your time of need.  It may lift your spirits if you add some color to your home. Flowers always help to make moods brighter. There are chores to be done on the 25th. Get them out of the way early on. When you procrastinate about some of these less than desirable responsibilities, it tires you out as much as actually doing the work. Just do what you have to do and stick to the chore until you are finished. It’s like brushing your teeth or taking a shower in that you don’t stop in the middle of the task to do something else.

Some of you may be prone to get in your rut to begin this week. Remember that it does no good to mull over personal problems that you can do nothing about. The only thing you can change is yourself and your perception of what is going on in someone else’s mind. Besides that, it is none of your business to know what other people think about you. Delve into a creative project to occupy your mind. On the 25th, you will likely be surprised by the actions or words of a friend or acquaintance, reminding you that it is not good to make assumptions, or to believe everything you hear. Some of you may have committed to an event that you don’t necessarily want to attend. Take time to get out of it now if you have any doubts, or use this advice to decline before you commit. Life is too short to be stuck where you don’t want to be. Think before you speak this week, especially on the 28th and 29th. You will be glad you did.

Concentrate on getting your stuff together on the 23rd. Being neat and structured will help to prepare you for whatever comes up this week.  Some of you have so much on your mind that it is like a cartoon, popping from one bubble to another. You may find yourself in a situation where people disagree. You can make things worse, or you can be a catalyst for unity. Choose the latter. There are many schools of thought out there and they are as different as the paths that led to them. Agree to disagree, but encourage people to keep their cool about the issues of the day. As this week ends, remind yourself that you are prone to be a bit sensitive to the issues and conversations around you. This will help you to keep some of your thoughts to yourself.

What a month this has been so far. Some of you have been burning the candle at both ends and are in dire need of some peace and quiet so that you don’t overbook your time and energy again next month. The balance you need in your life will only come if you set boundaries and put yourself first some of the time. It is okay to say no. You will have another chance to set some things straight on the 27th. Make sure you know the facts before mouthing off.  Recent events have been very enlightening to you of late. It’s time to get rid of the things in your life that are no longer working. Remember that it is up to you to choose your surroundings. If you are uncomfortable around certain people or in certain situations, remove yourself. You are about to begin a new chapter in your life and there is no time to waste on things that are not of worth to you.

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