Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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April 15 - 21, 2018

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Hopefully, you have used the past few days to work on a new project that you have been putting off. If this is the case, “Bravo”---keep it up!  Mood swings are predicted for you as you begin this week. Knowing this in advance gives you the knowledge that what swings up, must swing down, then up again.  Go with the flow and try to stay neutral in cases where your friends speak ill of anyone. Everybody has their opinion and a reason behind it. Be open and receptive enough to listen to their reasoning about matters you feel different about. You cannot control what others do or say, but you can avoid the impulse to chime in with your two cents.  My advice is to go to the source and ask questions, and then, question the answers you get. Look for answers from those who are wise and have nothing to gain or lose by giving their opinion.  Take care of relationship issues on the 19th so that you will have some free time for yourself on the 20th so use this time to think about your next venture. Do not take chances with your possessions on the 21st.

There are many things that need your attention on the 15th. Don’t waste time thinking about them, just hop in there and get to it.  You have two days in which to set your foundation for the rest of the week and month. Take a look at your financial obligations and do what you need to do to get them up to date and in order. If you have some budgeting to do, try to get it started. It will not be so depressing if you skip the worry part and start working.  You will feel relieved when you finally decide to investigate your assets and your liabilities. The 17th could be a pleasantly surprising day due to the fact that you are better off financially than you thought you were. There are changes that need to be made you and they may require work. Just know that the work will not be in vain, especially on and after the 18th.  Take advantage o any free time you may have for yourself on the 19th. There could be some blockages in your path on the 20th but you can still be where you need to be on the 21.

Work is your key word for this the 15th of April, There is no getting around it, You may get some help if you show that you are show that you are not “above” getting in there and working up a sweat. When you work hard, people around you notice. The contacts that you made last week will help you to start this week off in a positive manner. Take the high ground on the 18th for you will be tempted to “go along with the crowd”.   Call or visit a relative or close associate this coming week for it is likely that someone who is dear to you needs a little extra attention.

For you who are in your #4 personal year, the month of April brings with it the opportunity for material gain in the future. Things happen on the 15th, 16th, and 17th that lead up to a great opportunity on the 18th. Make up your mind to do what is necessary to bring about change in your home and workplace. It is easy to just go with the flow. It takes courage to do what you know is right and question the so called “authorities” around you. If you fall under the category of “the authority”, there is a lesson to learn about the treatment of your subordinates for they are your greatest guides in this life. What you teach them is meant for you go over what you think you already know. It is a refresher course for you.  The good you do for others surely comes back to you tenfold. That goes for bad, or for good. Choose goodness please. A new and more enlightened path is available to you very soon. Watch for a spark of light in that area on the 21st.

Change is in the air, but first you must let go of some of the excess baggage you carry before it can happen. A part of you wants desperately to know what will happen next, and the other part of you is scared to know. When you decide that you will accept the change that is inevitable, it will be easier let go of parts of your world that is keeping you in your comfort zone. Edgar Cayce often said that “life is simple, but is far from easy”.  Even though we know this to be true, it is still difficult to realize that we have the key to the peace of mind that it takes to make us free.  Setting boundaries will bring more balance in your day to day activities.

Patience will be necessary on this the 15th day of April. You will be asked by the universe to get beyond nuisances that are of little or no consequence at the end of the day.   There are chores that must be done during the next few days and the responsibility is all yours. You can expect a little more freedom later on. Now though, you just have to buckle down and do what needs to be done. A new factor will be brought to your attention on the 18th and this will cause you to look at one or more situations from a completely different aspect. There are always reasons that we encounter the stop signs life. There will be one for you to learn at the end of this time period. Try to remember that you are not always right about everything on the 21st.

Opportunities are yours for the taking during the entire month of April.  It is up to you to recognize them when they show up. These opportunities include physical, mental, spiritual, and material growth. That is where you are now. You can go about your business in a more balanced way. A social gathering can lead to a little romance will be available to you early on. Why is it that we cannot accept a chance at financial stability when it is directly in front of us? It could be that where there is no chemistry, money is just cold and hard. You are not one to pretend you are interested when you are not.

If you have more work to do than you have time to do in the coming week, then perhaps you should start today. Even though it is Sunday, you can do something to lighten your load for the rest of the week. You are inclined to be the humanitarian right off the bat this week. Beware of helping someone who refuses to help themselves.  Everyone has their own lessons to learn and you may do more harm than good by bailing someone out. Know the difference between helping someone who is really in need, and someone who is just lazy. You will be very busy toward the end of this time period, so use your time wisely for there is little to waste. Good comes to those who emanate goodness on and after the 18th.

There is a possibility for you to connect with someone new on the 15th. It could that a romantic interlude is     yours for the taking, but it is more likely to be someone who can enhance your spiritual life. Either way, this someone or something could be important to your peace of mind as well as your future career plans. Your thoughts will likely be a bit scattered on the 17th.  This calls for a look within instead of without.  You got yourself where you are and it you have the key to set yourself free. If you have personal problems, they can’t be fixed by an outer means. Only you can fix the things that you broke. Back up until you see where things started to change. Relationships can be rekindled if you go back to the point. When a fire is going out, you can add more substance and fan the embers. It often comes back to life.

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