Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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December 9 - 15, 2018

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Some days you are inclined to be downright crabby and today and tomorrow may well be two of those days. Is your stubborn streak showing?  If so, get a grip and get over it because you have far too much to do to waste a minute on folly. The fact that you are tenacious is a good thing, but you must back off and look at the big picture every once in a while. Work is the theme for all the month, but physical labor is most likely on the 9th. You may even work up a sweat. Along with the many chores that you are responsible for, there are errands to run and a social event or two thrown into the mix. Thankfully, all you have to do is to make an appearance at some of the events or meetings. Relationships that need work will present themselves to you on the 11th.  This is not necessarily a romantic interest, but it could be, so we won’t rule this out. Keep in mind that all relationships require a lot of work physically, emotionally and mentally. Meanwhile, it is time to get back to the work that is waiting for you. Spend the remainder of the week going over things that must be done by the 15th.

This has been a year for focusing on relationships, partnerships and associations with people who are close to you either by necessity or by choice. Hopefully, you have made a lot of progress in these areas. A lot of things are changing quickly in your life and also in the environment. What once was important may no longer seem quite as urgent as you thought in the past. Time has a way of putting things in perspective. .I would ask you to begin this week by paying attention to details and really looking at “what is” instead of what you think is. Spending too much time dealing with assumptions about a certain matter can change the outcome of something that is important to you and those you care for. This is especially true if you are to speak for others. Everything you say and do makes a difference in the lives of the people around you and the ripples go out into the world. Ponder on the fact that the spoken word can never be taken back and act accordingly. . Try to think of the good of all and not just yourself and or the instant gratification for a few. Unforeseen circumstances will likely crop up for you during this time period. One of these times is most possible right off the bat on the 11th. This is a day to do mental work requiring logic and concentration. Try and make some time to have some fun this weekend. You will be asked to form a connection toward the end of the week. It may be to an organization or it may be dinner out with a person or group. Before throwing yourself into the mix, make sure you know what the “mix” stands for. You don’t want to be seen as a team player on a team that doesn’t play nice.

You can achieve complete balance today if you remain poised and focused. Of course you probably won’t achieve “perfect” balance because you are human and you are learning. The number 3 represents balance and harmony and if you are reading this, you are in a #3 year. December is a #3 month (1+2) for you. On the 12th you will need to provide time and attention to a friend, or perhaps help out an acquaintance who is engaged in a worthy cause.  Home and family and its true worth should be more apparent to you during this time period. You are learning how to help others, but more important you are being taught that the best help you can give is to hold off on solving the problems for everyone around you. This allows them time to work out many problems for themselves. This is the best support you can give to anyone. This can be a very spiritual time for you.

Find some time to be alone on the 9th.  This is necessary for you to get yourself and your thoughts together before you face the world and all the adventures it offers to you. Take care of your business on the 10th. There is a concern involving money or material goods that must be dealt with within a certain time frame. Time will be up for some of these matters this week. Some of you went over most of these issues last week. Once you roll up your sleeves and get into it, one thing will lead to another until you come up with answers to the questions that you keep shoving to the back burner.  Don’t hesitate to consult a specialist if you have questions, but make sure the specialist knows what he is talking about. Just because someone has a title in front of his name doesn’t mean that he is an expert. Check references and make very sure you are dealing with honest people. Sometimes people are given authority when they haven’t the foggiest notion of what they are doing. Many times they are being taught “the rules” by someone who is making them up as they go. When dealing with situations that can affect the future of your loved ones, be thorough. When these situations have to do with somebody else’s property or money, be sure you have the facts and when and if you are asked for them, tell the absolute truth.

There will be stumbling blocks for some of you on the 9th. The reasons for them will not be clear to you at this time, but will prove to be to your advantage later.  The 10th is a day to get rid of excesses in your physical surroundings. You must realize that the amount of litter you have in your physical path is indicative of the amount of excess litter in your head in the form of unnecessary worry. Go through things and throw out the ones that are no longer necessary and at the same time symbolically get rid of thoughts that allowed you to keep the things for this long. Your world has changed dramatically in the last few years and so must the emphasis that is placed on your actions. Your immediate future is no longer ruled by the same criteria that it was 4 years ago. Some of you are having a hard time dealing with people who are in authority. You resent being told what you can and can’t do, but this is a time when I think it will pay you to at least listen to suggestions. The less you say in opposition of someone in authority, the better. Listen to the advice that is given to you by people who are older and wiser than you. If they suggest that you do something a certain way, think about the reasoning behind it. Chances are they have made mistakes in similar situations they lived through. Listen carefully and you will probably decide to take some of the advice. You can make your road and that of those around you much smoother. Now, don’t do anything that you strongly disagree with until you have figured out why you disagree.  If someone encourages you to act in a way that is plain out dishonest, don t do it. A bout of convenient forgetfulness may come in handy. Focus on what is good in your life and give of yourself so that you will be open to receive. You will feel better about yourself if you loosen up a little bit. There is a task that must be done later in the week. Don’t waste time thinking about it, just roll up your sleeves and do it.

Some of you will be in a rather droopy mood on the 9th. You can wallow in whatever happened to put you there for a while, but you must force yourself to be more cheerful before the day is done. If you act enthusiastic, you will be enthusiastic. Try it and you will see that it works. An encounter on the 10th can lead to a joint venture in business in the future. Pay attention to everything that is going on around you so you will not miss out. This is not the time to make solid plans, but whatever is going on should be put in a journal. If you are not keeping a journal I would advise you to start. If you don’t have the time to write every day, then jot things down on a calendar that will help you to remember when you have the time to write some things down.   Does it seem to you that you sacrifice your own self interest to serve others all too often?  You will be happy to know that there will soon be an opportunity to release some of the work you have imposed on yourself. A lesson in patience can be learned this week. You will be able to see life from a different perspective and the people who lean on you the most will understand and be happy for you. Keep an eye out for the possibility of a romantic gesture from a loved one. Pay attention to what is going on now and the feelings they invoke. Take some time to think about your life path on the 25th. Many things have happened in the couple of years and it may be time to make adjustments to your overall plan for the immediate future. It is like the old saying goes, “When you are journeying on your sea of life, the wind changes often. It is then that you must adjust your sails.”  Think about the things that make you truly happy in your life and keep your thoughts and deeds pure and positive.

Keep your mind on the new beginnings that are yours to enjoy. Your wants and needs have probably changed considerably from what they were two years ago. You have done a complete about face on some of your likes and dislikes. Things you thought you would never enjoy are pleasing you. Some of you finally realize that you can have what you want in life if you are open and receptive to the prospects that are available to you. You can be content if your thoughts are geared toward that end. The only person who can change things that are not working in your life is you. Tend to business and bank balances as the week comes to an end. Opportunity knocks later in the week. Be ready!

Everyone needs to be extremely careful about hygiene these days. The very best way to keep from catching a virus is to wash your hands often. Surprising facts come to light in a certain situation on or about mid-week. The 12th is a day to look out for that. It is important to pay attention to the things and happenings around you. There could be some eye opening incidents that are beneficial to you if you are alert. You will soon be in a different place and it will be foreign to you for a while. This will likely involve a revelation by someone close to you.

Some of you have gotten rid of some extra baggage. Some of this came about because of good luck but in most cases it has been the result of hard work.  You have a chance to get to know yourself, and to realize that you are of worth. Something that you say can profoundly affect someone around you. Think before you speak and try to listen very carefully to what others say. This is especially true of the Mothers and Grandmothers speak, for they are the ones who love you more than life. Communication is of key importance to your future during this time period.  You are more intuitive than ever these days, so follow your hunches. There is gain to be had if your heart is in the right place. The profit from the gain in your heart is worth far more than anything to do with money or material things.

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