Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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September 20 - 26, 2020
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Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke.
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.

Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, never been quarantined for any length of time, much less for an indefinite time.  Just when we need one another most, we are told to keep our distance.  That does not mean we stop caring about one another.  Call your neighbors, especially older people and those with conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.  If you are well enough to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, find out what they need and bring it to them.  Ordering from Amazon?  See if those around you need anything.  Together, your total could save you a $35 surcharge!

Take care of yourself.  Wash your hands often -- regular soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.  Touch your face as little as possible -- it's hard!  Limit direct contact with others, and stay out of crowds.  Remember, we need you here!

Communicate with your friends and family on the 20th. You may also have a social event to attend. Do your visiting today for tomorrow brings the necessity to get your chores out of the way. It won’t be that hard once you get started. Pay attention to details on the 21st. Haste will surely make waste, so whatever tasks you endeavor to do require that you stick to them until you are done. It is imperative that you do the best you can because you are setting a foundation for times to come. From the 22nd on to the 24th you will realize that changes are in store for you and it is your responsibility to accept it. This doesn’t mean you have no say so in what happens, it just means that you must look at what is going on with an open mind and a notion that it is time to face the true facts about certain aspects of your life. Then act accordingly with the knowledge that you have done your best to understand what is going on and that others know that your views are different about some issues. Some of you are physically tired, and that is understandable, but your mental power is at its peak.  Use this mental energy to make plans for the physical action you will need to take. The physical strength will come as a result of this. Keep a pad and pencil handy as the week ends and write down the creative ideas that come to mind lest they escape.  You have the good sense and the power to make sure that all the opportunities that are available to you are realized. Though you may listen to the people around you, it is you that have the knowledge necessary to make decisions pertaining to your own future.

Today you need to get back to basics and cut out some of the clutter in your path. This will help to get your thoughts in order.  During this month of emotional ups and downs you may experience yet another surprise on the 21st.  This begins the week much like you began the month. Avoid the tendency to over think a situation in your love life. Things are not always the way they appear to you. Rather than spending your time wondering about an action or comment of someone close, begin the week by going to the source to find out where you stand and what they stand for. Sometimes we worry about “what if” happenings that occur only in the imagination. For some of you, the 22nd must be devoted to home and hearth, relationships, and the mundane duties that come with the territory. Pay attention to the conversation going on in your head this week. If you think someone looks nice, tell them. If you think someone is doing a good job raising kids or awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, let it be known. A compliment from you can make an indelible mark on people who look up to you. Don’t hesitate to tell someone that you are proud of them. If there are good people in your life, look them in the eye and tell them how you feel. “You’re a good person, and my life is richer because you are a part of it” are powerful words that stick with you forever and ever.  On the other hand, if you are around people who are lousy and no good, just steer clear of them.

Your mental abilities are sharp these days. Go to a party to begin the week. You will tend to be vocal, so if you do attend a social event and politics become the center of conversation, be careful that you don’t try to force your views on others. Before you get on your soapbox, make sure you have your facts right or you’ll come off looking like a dumb smart-aleck who thinks they know it all. “Keep watch over my mouth oh lord,” “guard the door to my lips” is a bible verse that comes to mind. I think of this verse when I many of us have read. I have to remind myself of this verse fairly often these days because it is so easy to make assumptions when getting my political views understood. I become a bit vocal when offering my liberal views of the world to the younger people I am with. You can get very aggravated with the actions of politicians. The key to venting your frustration is to find something to do that get’s the mind off the negative issues that land in your head.  This kind of thing can cause stress that can lead to physical woes. Try to do things to alleviate anxiety. Exercise is a really good way of lessening stress. So are meditation, doing crossword puzzles, doing a good deed, and countless other things that helps to calm your mind and blood-pressure. You will likely end the week with more things going on than you care to handle. You can only do one thing at a time. You can only think of one thing at a time. You can help yourself and the world by noble thoughts and deeds.

Service to others is necessary in order to start the week off right. This can begin with your own friends and family. Some of you will have to dig for the last ounce of patience you can muster when helping people who are close to you. Avoid getting worked up and making hasty remarks when you find yourself getting frazzled. I would advise you to excuse yourself for a few moments, get in your car and run an errand if you can.  A few minutes alone for some self talk can help you stay calm. Then go back to the person or situation and take up where you left off before you excused yourself.  See if you can calmly discuss the issue intelligently. If you still have the desire to kick some butt, excuse yourself again, or better yet, drop the subject. Organization is important factor in your quest to be level headed for the remainder of the month. Get your stuff together and take care of your business. You may be among those who are super sensitive as the week comes to an end. Know that some of the things that worry you will work themselves out in time.

Be careful what you say and how you act on the 20th. When you are speaking to someone or working on a project, you are often being observed by the people who look to you as a role model.  Some of you start the week facing a difficult decision dealing with money and emotions. These two things do not blend well and wreak havoc with your anxiety level. When deciding exactly how you will handle the situations that arise, remember to use your common sense. Ask yourself if you are being logical what would you do if emotions were not a factor? Take the advice that you would give your child or a dear friend in a similar situation. Are the short term profits worth the long term commitment that you are pondering?  If you are thinking about helping someone out of a financial slump, ask yourself if it even makes sense. It is good to help people out when they are down, but you must decide whether or not you are helping them or bailing them out. Are they helping themselves? If your gut tells you not to go out of your way to make an offer ----don’t do it. I can see it now. You go out on a limb and that branch gets sawed off closest to the tree. Guess where you end up? No matter whom they are or what the circumstances, people are responsible for their own actions and must be held accountable sooner or later. This sounds a lot like the fix our country is in right now. Replace your guilt feelings with common sense and do what you know is right.

Check your bank balance before you go on a spending spree or offer to help someone out financially at this time. Someone close to you will likely approach you with a tale of woe. Chances are that they just need to talk to someone. Listen to them, but avoid taking on their responsibilities. There are many things to do this week and you may not know what to do first. If the big picture of what you have to accomplish is overwhelming, then divide the task into manageable chunks. You will gain nothing if you criticize others or play the role of the victim. Wherever you are right now is the result of the thoughts and actions that you initiated in the days and months past. Remember that Mother Nature has a way of regurgitating when we tamper with it. Your thoughts and deeds do the same. There could be some unexpected income falling into your hands or just the opposite. Some of you will be faced with seemingly impossible expenses. Be responsible, logical, and above all truthful in your endeavors. Cheating has a boomerang effect.

Tie up loose ends on the 20th. This is not a day to begin a new project. You can go ahead with a new plan on the 21st.  Keep in mind that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Remember that when taking on a new project and know that details are important from the ground up. We are far from perfect, or we wouldn’t be here, but doing the best you can is imperative.   Are you feeling a bit used, ignored and abused because of the uncomfortable position you find yourself in at this time?  You may be taking things too personally. Force yourself to be logical and honest about each situation as it comes. Watch for the opportunity to take on a new study of a spiritual nature.  Be patient and do not try to rush things. You will probably feel somewhat alone these days, but this is short-lived.  When it rains, the sunshine follows. When there are clouds in the sky, look for the silver lining that often follows. Find some time to be alone at the end of the week.

Launch on a project that has the potential to increase your bank balance. It may not do this immediately, but in time the right business move can do this for you. Watch for enlightenment on the 21st to replace the fog that has appeared in your path lately.  This is a “starting over” period for you. This is the time to put an end to old ways and to separate yourself from people who are holding up your progress. Your life is changing and detachment may be necessary. You cannot change the behavior or the thoughts of others no matter how hard you try. Be practical on the 23rd ask for direction on the 24th if you lose your way.  Approach your responsibilities with a common sense and an open mind on the 25th.  Money is your main objective for the last half of the week. Assets and liabilities are to be looked at logically and fairness is required in all your dealings. Keep all transactions on the up and up.

You are on a path of revelation. This is not only for your own direction but it is clearing the way for many people who watch you for guidance.  You are not at a loss for words on the 22nd today, but you may have a little trouble with the way you use them. Try to think before you speak, and to actually listen when others are speaking their mind about the issues of the day.  Sometimes we are thinking of what we will say next instead of paying attention to the words and feelings of others. There may be a realization that things are not going exactly the way you hoped as the week gets underway. Patience and determination will see you through. There could be some new potential “good friends” to meet on the 23rd ,  but remember that nothing or no one can take the place of old friends who are tried and true.  Be a friend to them, but never at the expense of others. You may face a road block on the 26th.  Detours sometimes lead to something better.

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