Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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November 11 - 17, 2018

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Expect the unexpected on the 11th. You could get a last minute offer to go to a function that will spark your curiosity in something new. Most of us could use a bit more variety in our lives to ward off boredom. For those who are unattached, it’s possible that a chance meeting may lead to romance. Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Whatever you are planning or are caught up in now, there is a precious chance to slow things down while you really think them properly through.  A compromise may be in order on the 12th in order to be in step for the rest of the week.  It seems that you have e an overwhelming amount of responsibility to family or close associates today.  Some of you have more on your plate than others. People often think you should have the answer to all their problems. You probably don’t, but if you just take time to listen to them you help more than you know. People often come up with the answers they seek themselves when they talk about the issues that are bothering them. All you have to do is be there. You see, there is a seed inside every problem that leads to the solution and bringing the issue to the light of day often reveals that seed. Constraint of any kind will be hard to tolerate on the 14th. It is a good day to try out a new concept in your professional life. Ask for what you want and you can get it as long as you are not overly greedy in your request. Your creative genes can be put to good use on the 15th.  Guard your impulses on the 16th and don’t let somebody talk you into something you will be sorry of on the 17th.

Responsibility to family comes first as the week begins. You may be required to stop whatever you are doing because someone has an emergency. Stop what you are doing even if you feel the disruption is unnecessary. It is probably best to just do whatever asked of you without a fuss. This is one of those days you do not want to ignite the fuse of someone who is known to have an explosive temper.   Patience may not be one of your greatest attributes, but you will have a crash course in improving it on the 12th with other obstacles through the 13th.  Tolerance will be a plus on the 14th because the words and attitudes of others will be hard to take. Something new is brewing on the 15th. It could be a new project for work or something you want to do around the house.  Things may get off to a rocky start, but it will work but if you stick to it. Though you may be accused of lacking patience, you feel the finger pointer is lacking in the common sense area of the brain. If you find yourself in the midst of an argument, try to hold your tongue lest you say the wrong thing. If you can ignore some of these aggravations, they will work themselves out. If you feel that I might have overstressed the importance of restraint this week. Some of you may be right, but there are others who have a need to be reminded. It’s either that, or you spend the rest of the month arguing about the nasty words that ensue because of the lack of self control. You are approaching the middle of the month, and you may feel you have been stymied. The work that you are doing this month will reveal progress despite the interruptions. A social event could be interesting on the 17th if you care to go.

Patience is stressed with almost everyone you encounter on the 11th.  The needs of others, old and young must not be overlooked. Do what you can to make others more comfortable. You seem to spend a disproportionate amount of your time helping other people these days and you are right. Just know that you are helping yourself in the process because no act of kindness goes unrewarded.  The changes you made earlier in the month will show up in bank balance on or around the 12th. It pays to go over your paperwork to make sure the proper deposits have been made and the calculations are correct.  You must know exactly where you stand in that area because if the numbers don’t balance there, you will have imbalance in many other areas. Use your imagination to turn something ordinary into a source of fun. The simple things in life often make the most treasured memories. There is work to be done at the end of the week. If you start a project, make sure you set a good foundation.

Today is a day for taking some time to pay attention to your finances and to draw up a budget for the next couple of months. A small adjustment to your spending habits may be in order. Do what needs to be done. Social occasions are open for your participation on the 12th. You may be asked to help with details to make the event successful. Many of you may be emotionally affected by a relationship that seems to be coming to an end. This is not necessarily permanent one. Do you feel a loss because you are saying goodbye to a person or people because you have finished a project?  A new project is in the making and you may be thinking strongly about it as early as the 13th. You may feel a little sad that a relationship is being put on hold, but there is excitement brewing about what is to come. Your purpose is to do whatever is necessary to keep things peaceful. There will be no time for emotional distractions on the 15th. You will have to focus on the job if you want it completed. Your undivided attention is necessary for the task at hand.  Needs of an older person in your life can be frustrating on the 16th and 17th, but if you think about the things they have done for you and you will feel good about helping them out a bit.

It is important to set things right. You will be required to take whatever action necessary to resolve unfinished issues. Timing is everything here and you can and must think on your feet. Most of you will experience frustration on the 11th.  It seems as though everyone you around you has taken on the mission to piss you off.  It is up to you to keep your cool. The fender bender that caused a traffic jam on the interstate took place just to make you mad. The kid is yelling in the grocery store because he doesn’t like you. The check out person stalls everything because she’s new and doesn’t know the prices. Now the cashier and the screaming kid are out to get you. It seems like it is open season for people to get on your last nerve.  Now that you know what is possible, you can take measures to retain your sanity. Before you start your day, try to meditate and affirm that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Then get some organization going on in your mind by planning your day with the goal of avoiding obvious pitfalls. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going and avoid heavy traffic times if possible. Try to do your shopping during school hours to minimize the chance of being victimized by kids who play hide-and- seek in the aisles of the supermarket. When one of them whooshes past me faster than the speed of light.  The 14th could bring some surprising news that will make you happy. You may acquire a pet or a new friend for companionship. Some of you will get great news about a child you love. If it involves recognition or an award associated with excellence in learning, make a big deal of it.  The week end brings the need for caution. Be careful with your actions and your words. There are folks who have a history of misconstruing your words and motives in the past. Nip anything in the bud that has a remote chance of causing a misunderstanding.  Some people have a way of seeing situations in a twisted kind of way. It baffles me to try and figure out how or why some people want to cause trouble between others. Maybe they are miserable and want everyone else to join them.

Beware of conversations that can lead to arguments such as politics, religion or insurance. Everyone has their opinion about these things and 90% of them don’t know what they are talking about. Most of the time people spout off things they heard from somebody else who wouldn’t know the facts if they kicked them in the teeth. It is senseless to get all riled up about things that are so screwed up that nobody has the facts because there are none. If you get your information from TV or the news, you don’t get the truth. There are many stories out there that sound convincing. People can make up a heck of a story with many assumptions and very few verifiable details. Politicians are professionals at the art of spinning tales. Many of them went to school for it and got a juries doctorate degree. At the end of the day it is money and greed that fuels their fires. I am wary of anyone who professes to know everything there is to know about what will happen in the future. I think your personal tomorrow depends on your actions of today, and the tomorrows of the world depend on the mass consciousness of all the people and their combined actions every minute.  I am not claiming to have the right answers. I have opinions based on the control I have is over my little corner of the universe. I have learned that where I am now, physically, mentally and emotionally depends on the actions I took in the past to create it. When people claim to have all the right answers in a neat little package, it is my signal to get away from them.  Obstacles can bring about frustration on the 12th, but this is temporary. Your common sense and logic will help you to confront the aggravations as they come and you will fare well. Social accountability is up to you this weekend. If you are so inclined, then you are in a position to showcase your leadership abilities. It is more fun to goof off, but you can be responsible and productive and have fun doing it. On the 17th there will be moments when you feel lonely, but they will pass. Remember that there were times in your past that you were surrounded by activity you looked forward to being alone again. Peace and quiet is good.

Some of you have a strong feeling inside that a brand new plan is taking form for your future.  You can’t forget your history, but there but there are portions of it that can be turned loose. You have done all you can do to save some areas of your personal life and these are the ones that you must get rid of. You cannot erase everything that has taken place in the past, for this would make you ignorant and uninformed about your future. Loosen your grip on the things that are hampering your potential. This will help to bring about a future that is better for everyone involved. Illumination is yours for the taking on the 11th.  You will likely see someone you haven’t seen in a while that can help you to see your possibilities for the future in a brand new light. Needy people will be in your face on the 15th. It seems that someone is always badgering you to do their bidding or offering your services to someone else. This time it may be necessary. Some of you are tired and not in the mood to try to fix your own problems, much less anyone else’s. You will come through for a friend in emotional distress if necessary. When you realize how much you are appreciated, you will be glad you helped. In some ways you have been like a robot with someone else at the controls. It is time for you to take over the control that powers your own life. Then you can own your destiny by the way you think.

Balance is needed to make your life smoother. It is necessary for healthy relationships all the way around. Exercise your body and eat healthy food at regular intervals. Sometimes you get so busy running around in circles that you forget the basics. The food you put into your body is the fuel that makes it run smoothly. If you ignore this fact for a certain length of time, you will be reminded physically. Balance is also necessary in relationships. You give and you take and you compromise when you need to. If you have children or grandchildren you owe it to yourself and them to set the right example. Children often look for someone just like you when the time comes for them to make the big choices in their lives. If everything is going the way you like on the 14th then carry on. If you are less than pleased with your progress, an attitude adjustment is in order. You will have a small window of opportunity to do this at the end of the week. This can have a big impact on your future security. Try to find time to relax on the 15th. You will handle concerns of your future security on the 16th. You will feel humanitarian urges on the 17th. Spread your kindness to those who deserve it.

Many factors that must be present in a life that is balanced and well adjusted.  I don’t know if there is such a thing, but you strive for it anyway. You can look at it in terms of the food you eat. You cannot maintain the proper balance in your body if you’re your diet consists of too much of one thing. If you only eat candy, your bodily functions will not work right. If you sit on the couch all the time, your body parts will become weak and useless. You have to use those parts or you will lose the use of them. Relationships cannot be about one person getting everything they want and giving nothing in return. You must give and take in all things in order to thrive. Life is like a river. It flows smoothly as long as there are no obstructions. When obstacles appear you must do what is necessary to get them out of the way to keep things from stagnating. The constant movement is necessary to keep things fresh and flowing according to the grand design. In nature the river will flow with the force of nature unless man blocks its movement.  In nature the waters freshen themselves as the current adjusts to the terrain. Around every bend there is new life and a new vista to behold. Man must learn to allow his life to run smoothly without placing the obstacles in his path that impedes his progress. Life can be “smooth like a river”. I hope I live long enough experience this phenomenon.

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