Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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November 19 - 25, 2017

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There are chores to be done on the 19th. It is best to get to them as soon as you awaken. Your mind gets scattered if you wait until later in the day. Do your best to get out of doors on the 20th.  Get out and about before you get a phone call or a visit that will keep you from being stuck with an undesirable time consuming task. Don’t start something you can’t finish in a day on the 21st.  This is, however, a good day to buy supplies for a project you have in mind for the near future. Better yet, take inventory of what you already have on hand, especially if you are decorating for the holidays. Extra patience and diplomacy will be needed on the 22nd in dealing with people. I would advise you to start the day by taking a deep breath and visualizing a smooth and productive day. This will help you to be better equipped psychologically to face the challenges you meet. There are some things you need to think about this week. For some of you, there are a few things that are heavier on your mind than you want to admit.  You want to believe that everyone around you is honest and every situation you encounter is on the up and up.  Sometimes that is simply not the case. Pay attention to your gut feelings. With that said, I would suggest that you believe nothing you hear throughout the week. Get the facts for yourself, for making assumptions can backfire on you. A nicely wrapped package could turn out to be something that stinks when you open it. On another note, if there is someone around you that you admire. Tell them you like the job they are doing or the qualities they display. If you don’t, leave them alone. This week offers the opportunity to express your feelings and to use your creative abilities.

You are likely to be surprised by something or someone on the 19th. Grab the chance to meet someone new on the 20th.  If you are single, this could be the day you meet someone with promising long-term possibilities. Some of you feel very much alone on the 21st when it seems like everyone around you has exciting plans for the week. Guess what? Some of these people have that feeling despite being surrounded by activities.  Choose to do something that has motivated you in the past and get involved in something similar again.  A number of you will encounter obstacles coming and going on the 22nd. Deal with them by doing what you need to do at the time they appear. Use good judgment and common sense. Get yourself organized and there will be no need to over extend your energies.  Before starting something new, it is mandatory to finish what you have started. This is true in many areas of your life but especially applies to unresolved issues in relationships. What song is playing in your head?  Inspiration comes from listening to your intuition on the 25th.

Seems that everyone you meet needs your help on the 19th. You have given so much of your time and attention to the people in your circle. Your advice must help them because they keep coming back for more. You may have to alter your plans for the day because these people respect your words of wisdom. Quiet time is a must for you on the 20th to get yourself prepared for the rest of the week. Meditation will help no matter how little time you feel you have for it. You will be able to dedicate 30 minutes to this if you plan ahead. Personal business issues need attention on the 21st. Pay attention to anything that comes up that has to do with your private assets and liabilities. On the 22nd, look around you and identify and do what it takes to complete your ongoing personal. Chances are that there are many loose ends that can be tied up now. Do what it takes to finish the things you can and see that ongoing ones are on target. On the 23rd, pay attention to what is going on in your head and pay special attention to any inspirational flash that can help you to solve an ongoing problem that has been nagging you. Try to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in order to examine the progress of the path you are currently on. You may be interested in deviating from your course due to an attraction that never interested you in the past. Scrutinize and be willing to alter your strategy. Social interactions are likely on and after the 25th. Some of you will have the long awaited opportunity to get an important point across. It could be that an unresolved issue from the past comes up again begging to be explained. You can put things right if you think back to a similar situation that you were in three years ago.

Take time out to be alone for at least a couple of hours on the 19th. It is important that you do something for yourself in order to get ready for the busy week. Strive to maintain an optimistic attitude on the 20th, but approach all financial decisions with logic and good judgment. This is not a day to take chances that could shrink your assets. If you have a new project in mind, the 21st is not the day to begin it. It is a day to put finishing touches on the incomplete ones. Tomorrow is a different story.  A new affiliation is on the horizon and it may be the time to look at the possibility of a fresh and innovative relationship on the 22nd.   This could be in the romance department if you are in the market. This opportunity will be available to you but you will have to recognize the chance when it comes and grab it. Start a project that can be enjoyed for the remainder of the week. If you have to dress professionally every day, go through your closet and take out the clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in a year or two. Give them to good will, or have a yard sale. If you are a pack rat, box things up and take inventory again at a later date.  If you wear a uniform, you probably don’t have that to worry about. You can, at any rate, eliminate the extra clutter around you. Do this for you, for it will save you time when it really counts, and will help you to feel good about yourself at the same time.

Do whatever you need to do about anything that resembles money or property on the 19th and finish projects on the 20th. Stay far away from control freaks on the 21st.  The last thing you need is to be told what you can and cannot do. Take charge of your own life by making your own plans and do what you need to do.  On the 22nd, pay attention to what people say about everything and everyone but know that everything you hear isn’t valid. Deceitfulness is not uncommon these days. Strive for balance and diplomacy, as the week gets under way. People and situations require scrutiny before you jump on any bandwagon. Stop and think about where you are in the process of reaching your goals. Things change and sometimes you have to stop and re-think your objective making adjustments if when or where they are necessary. Patience will be needed in dealing with practically every aspect of your life. Be keen enough to know what is going around you and remember that details are important.  Your need for sensual gratification seems to surface more often. You may be tempted to take an unnecessary gamble.  Count the cost before you do something stupid. Remind yourself that you can’t change people. You can shave a tiger but the stripes are still there. You can believe anything for a little while, but you can’t go against what you know in your heart for very long.  The only thing you can change is your perspective on and the only person you can change is the man in the mirror.

You are the humanitarian on the 19th. You will be asked to help someone who is less fortunate than you. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this, but your day will be much better if you make even the smallest gesture of kindness. It is time to take steps toward making your dream of independence come true. The opportunity to do this is likely to present itself to you on the 20th.  The 21st offers an easier way to deal with the aggravations that threaten your sanity. It involves setting boundaries in relationships and situations that come up over and over again. What you must do is to review your plans for the rest of the year. If there is opposition from a partner, find out the reasoning behind it and be willing to compromise a little.  The trick is to keep things as simple as possible by putting assumptions aside. Stick to the facts, think straight, and speak calmly and concisely. Less is more when it comes to emotions and words. It is important to do what it takes to be at your best this week. It only takes a few minutes to comb your hair and put on clean clothes before going about your errands. Get yourself spiffed up and get out and mingle on the 22nd and 23rd.  Be careful on the 24th for the addictive side of your personality comes to the surface and could cause you to act impulsively. When you go out, leave your money at home so you will have to think twice before spending. On the 25th it may seem that unreasonable demands are made of you. Knowing this beforehand gives you time to think of   a time consuming duty that can be postponed.  There are things you can do ahead of time that will reduce the amount of work you have to do later on in the week. Go with the flow on the 26th and don’t try to force things to happen. When there is an obstacle in your path, it is often a timing mechanism to get you where you are going at the right time.

Treat yourself to something special on the 19th. Your needs must be met before you can go out and save the rest of the world. Make a serious physical effort to let go of unnecessary baggage on the 20th.  When that is out of the way, you will have enabled yourself to see a spark of light at the end of the tunnel. It beckons you to the possibility of new and promising experiences that makes your prospects for the future look much brighter. The 21st is a good day to express yourself and your opinions as long as you keep them as simple and to the point. You have the ability to state your case in a few well-selected words. Now is the time to put this talent to work. The 22nd is a day to get back to basics and take care of the things that keep your life going smoothly. This will take some physical exertion, but it’s necessary and can be pleasant once you get started.  Shadows from your past may reappear on the 23rd causing a change in plans. You can gain back some of your self-confidence by finally asking yourself some direct questions. Are your closets filled with extra stuff you don’t need?  Why do you save things you don’t need? There might even be cobwebs covering some of the crap you have held on to for years. If this is true in the physical it is likely because of your state of mind. Clear out some of the clutter around you and it will help to clear your mind also.  Are you waiting for something to happen and it never does?  Chances are that you are going about things in the same old way you always have. Unless you do something different you will continue to have the same outcome.  The thoughts you harbored and the actions you took in the past have everything to do with where you are now, physically and mentally. It is easy to stay in the same old rut, but you must begin to come up with a plan to start something new and exciting. It is normal and necessary to run up against difficulties in your path. They provide the opportunity to learn important lessons so that you can avoid them in the future.  Downtime is a necessity on the 25th.

You are apt to be super sensitive on the 19th. Remember this before you go out the door and it will help you to remember that everybody isn’t out to get you. Social obligations are to be met on the 20th. If you made a promise, keep it. The 21st is a day to face facts and get back to the basics of life. Try to get projects done without getting carried away with unnecessary actions and spending. You have traveled this path before in your life and have ended up in a bind. Take a different course this time. You have the opportunity to change an old pattern that has stifled you before. You can keep history from repeating itself.  Doing this will help to pave the way for an easier transition to a way of life that is smoother for everyone involved. You can experience the high you get from spending money by taking inventory of the stuff you have already accumulated. From now on you can experience more variety in your life by using what you already have. The past is gone and so are some of the old methods of using your skills and talents. New people with a massive number of different interests can open your mind to possibilities that you never thought about in the past. Activities that didn’t interest you before can be presented to you in a way that is more attractive to you now. The 23rd brings the possibility of a new and more altruistic way of thinking. Service to humanity will bring great leaps in your soul growth on the 24th, but remember that the most important people in your life need your real and undivided attention. Relief from frustrations is coming soon.

Get yourself centered long enough to remind yourself to think before you speak today. Your mind will likely be scattered but no one will know you are in a tizzy if you play your cards right. Go out face the world on the 19th knowing you will accomplish your goals and you will. Be aware of a job opportunity on the 20th. If you are employed, investigate any chance for a promotion or a lateral change that can lead to something better in the future. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. If you are self-employed, you could be offered a job that pays less money than you need, but it can lead you to a lucrative work in the future.  Confinement is the last thing want on the 21st so get out if you can. If you can’t actually go out of doors, you can get some satisfaction from rearranging your furniture or doing something different with the way you dress. If you can’t physically do any of this, use your imagination. You can be anywhere you want to be in your mind. On the 22nd, relationships need to be nurtured and time should be put aside in order to do it. It takes work to maintain a good healthy friendship, love affair, or marriage. Pay attention to health issues this week. First you’re own, then the ones in your circle of friends and family. We have access to the technology that can identify potential health problems in time to prevent them from happening. On another note, related or not, you will find yourself thinking about or working for a cause that is important to you. The world can be a better place if you make it better in your thoughts. One step at a time and one positive note after another and sooner or later there can be harmony. Justice can be attained but it starts with a simple spark in your own life.

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