Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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September 24 - 30, 2017

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Some of you need to catch up on some sleep. You’ve actually needed to rest for a couple of months now but there has been too much going on in your busy life. This is likely true in your emotional life as well. You can take care of some new business on the 25th, but don’t be surprised if you experience an obstacle here and there. The 26th is not a day to start a new project. Finish the ones that are not quite done before you start something new. You need to get rid of some of the clutter instead of adding more. The 27th is the day to get busy on a task that has been on the back burner for a while. It is important to think before you act on the suggestions of others on the 28th. This is one of those days that you will be susceptible to be too trusting. Listen carefully to what people are saying before you obligate yourself to join in on a cause or accept an assignment. Be certain you have all the details before you make any decisions that involve business associates or personal relationships. It is easy for people to leave out important facts when they are trying to get you to commit to something that is more trouble than it’s worth. Put your best foot forward on the 29th for you may meet someone who piques your interest in a romantic way. A new relationship is not out of the question, so remember be open to that possibility.  An old acquaintance could reveal a philosophy that is surprisingly interesting to you. Your mind tends to wander these days. It is much like a cartoon jumping from one bubble to the next. The 29th is another day that you must think before you speak, especially when it comes to volunteering your services. If someone asks you what you will be doing at a certain time on a certain day, tell him or her that you have to check your calendar. The demands on your time are heavy enough without adding to them therefore you stick to your own obligations.

Save a few bucks for the last few days of the month. Find some time to breathe on the 25th, even if you have to resort to the bathroom 10 minutes. Issues dealing with property or anything having monetary value need to your close attention this week, but especially on first two days. Attention to detail is important right up to the last day of the month. Be aware of the needs of others early in the week for you will need the cooperation of someone in order to reach your goals before the week is over. Surround yourself with positive people on the 28th for your mood is easily influenced by the people you hang out with and you can be overly empathetic to the point that you actually absorb their problems and worries. Meanwhile, back to your own life, there is physical work to be done on the 29th so roll up your sleeves and be prepared to break a sweat. Get started early in the day for you are more apt to be stalled by delays later. Keep discussions on the light side, and stay away from people who tend to bring you down emotionally with their tales of woe. If you think someone is flirting with you on the 30th they probably are, for a potential romance is not out of the question. You either have a secret admirer or the person you are attached to cares more about you than you think. Your intuition will be eerily precise all month long so pay attention to your thoughts.

Do something special for yourself on the 24th. Sitting home and waiting for someone else to tell you what to do will be hazardous to your emotional health. Think of the constructive aspects of life on the 25th and be thankful for the things you have. There are so many people who are hurting the world over. Check your local churches or other charities like the Salvation Army to see if there is any way you can help someone. There are thousands of people who have been devastated by loss of loved ones or debilitating illness. Natural disasters have leveled entire cities. An act of compassion, even if it is random, can make a huge difference to someone who is suffering. The best thing you can do to give that thanks for your good fortune is to pass it on by helping someone in need. You gain as much as the recipients when you share with others.  No kindness, not matter how small ever goes unnoticed. I know this to be a fact because this time last year I was left homeless by the floods in South Louisiana. I’m back home and fine now, but I will never forget even the smallest act of kindness of people. People I didn’t even know helped me with words of kindness and other gifts. Don’t take things to heart on the 26th. You can wear yourself out emotionally when you personalize everything that is said and done. Don’t sweat the small stuff and do what you can to straighten out the big stuff. Social functions that you have committed to should be attended on the 27th. There may be a last minute invitation to yet another get together. You can fit everything in with a little planning. Even though your mood may be playful on the 28th, there are still everyday jobs and household tasks that must be tended to before you go off to engage in more fun for yourself. On the 29th, unexpected issues come up. Watch for them or you will be caught off-guard. It is very important to you to stay calm and avoid jumping to conclusions all week long. “Assuming” is a definite no-no at this time for things are often not what they seem to be. It is possible that you have been living in an illusory realm where you thought things would go smoothly with little or no effort on your part.  There are adjustments to be made to satisfy family or close friends on the 30th. If you attend a function involving these people you will definitely know what I mean.

Plans made on the 24th can have an effect on the mental picture you have for times to come. Be aware of how an impulsive decision can affect your future before you make it. Balance is important for you on the 25th. Choose a variety of activities if you have a choice.  On the 26th, tentative plans can be made for the rest of the week but make no promises that you are not sure you can keep. It is likely that you have already made a tough decision. It is now time to act on it. It will be easier than you think once you take the first step. You can simplify your life by controlling your thoughts. Think twice before you “come on” to someone for it is not the time for capricious flirting. It can get you in trouble! It is back to basics on the 27th. There are certain projects that you must not ignore.  Extra effort will be needed in order for the week to go smoothly. Confinement in any form will be maddening to you on the 28th.  It is important to get out and mingle because you will gain recognition for the impression you make on groups or individuals. The most unlikely person in the world can make a suggestion that can help you with the changes that are coming about in your life next month, so listen to everyone. You will likely get a glimpse of the even bigger adjustments that lie in store for you next year. On the 29th it is important that you tend to the things that you are in charge of. This can be physical work, but it is more likely emotional work that is needed for your own soul growth.
Pay close attention to details in your world on the 24th. Especially those that affect your bank balance. There are so many schemes out there to get more of your money than you need to give. You must be alert to that at all times. The things you see advertised in retail stores are often riddled by optical illusions and very fine print. They do this on purpose, you know. Your mind seems to wander on the 25th making it difficult to focus on any one particular thing. Make it a point to be extra careful when you are operating a vehicle or any machinery because a careless mistake can really mess up your plans. It is a week full of things you don’t ordinary experience. It can be a very spiritual illuminating time for you if you pay attention at to the things going on around you.  Unfortunately, your mind feels like you are trying to watch two channels on the television set. You can do it, but you won’t fully understand what is going on. This is especially true on the 27th. You will have to really focus in order to adjust to the many changes and tackle the normal tasks of the day as well. Some of you yearn for a little freedom from the busy life and even the people you love. There is little chance that most of you can swing that, but remember that you can be anywhere you want to be in your mind. Patience is needed when making plans and dealing with relationship issues. Find some time to be alone with your thoughts, even if it is for only a few minutes at a time. You may even think about seeking professional counsel before the end of the week. Talking to an old friend that you can trust can be helpful.  Are you are struggling to make a decision about the proper path to take next in your physical or emotional life, or both?  Figure out where and with whom you feel the most comfortable. If you have children you are likely concerned about their future. You know that you must raise them the best you can, and be willing to let them go at a certain age.  If you have children that are old enough to think they are your parents now, remind them that you allowed them to make their own decisions and that you are perfectly capable of making yours. Do you think you know what is best for your parents or others you care for who are older? You are not always right and you may need to lighten up. People fail to recognize the wisdom to be shared by listening to what they have to say. Experience is a great teacher and your parents, grandparents and other influential people who have been around a while are well educated in the knowledge of life lessons.  You do indeed reap what you sow and you can take that to the bank. When you face challenges and deal with them the best you can, you gain wisdom.
The 24th is a great day to entertain or to be entertained. This is a very social time for most of you. It will do you good to go out and have some fun. Let me back up a bit here. First, make sure you have done your duties on the domestic front, and that includes being there for family and loved ones. Get your household chores finished and then you can join in the revelry. You have the rest of the week to work on relationship issues that are sure to come. You may have problems understanding the actions of a friend or family member. It is only natural to worry about what you consider bad behavior of the people close to you, but you must remember that you cannot control it. By the same token, other folks cannot control you if you know in your heart that things are not right. Think about this on the 27th. You will have the need for some time alone on the 28th after you tend to your personal duties. Meditation can be very helpful to you. If the big picture of what you have to accomplish is too overwhelming, then divide the task into manageable chunks. You will gain nothing if you expect too much of others. The same goes if you play the role of the victim when they react in a way other than your way.  Remember that whatever situation you are in right now is the result of the thoughts and actions that you took in the days and months past. I think that what goes around comes around. Some people call it Karma, but I think we all know that there are no free lunches in life and you prosper only if you work hard and do what you know is right.

Get busy with the work you are responsible for. There is much to do but if you make yourself a schedule and stick to it, you can get things done. You could be concerned about an expenditure that is coming up. You’ve handled worse financial matters in the past, and you will manage this one.   Change is in the air; on the 25th and that along with surprises may not be one of your favorite things. You will be on the giving end of patience on the 27th. You can’t expect people to have the patience needed in dealing with you if you are not willing to do the same. Someone or something from your past will reappear on the 28th. Things like this will keep coming back to you until you acknowledge it and face the facts. You must remind yourself to get real and know that it is okay to have different opinions where relationships are involved. If you have children, you must realize that they grow up and go to school or even go away and make lives of their own and you may no longer feel like you are that important to them. That is because their days are filled with the responsibilities they have in their own lives. Some have families and work that leaves little time for anything else. If you feel alone in your world, do something about it. If you are bored, sign up for something that interests you or indulge in a hobby that you may have enjoyed in the past. You hold the key that unlocks your potential for a life of your own. Some of us need to be reminded not to take the words of others personally. Force yourself to use logic in sticky situations as they arise and for goodness sake, don’t over think. You will probably feel twinges of loneliness at times but they are short-lived.
It is good to be around others on the 24th. Be aware that your mind is likely to be like a cartoon that doesn’t make much sense to you, much less others. Don’t even try to join in on a conversation when you know little about the subject. Silence is your best option there. If you are asked a specific question, answer it if you are sure of the answer, but don’t elaborate. The 25th comes with responsibilities in your home life and you really need to take care of them. Tackle your chores that have piled up and if they are too overwhelming, get some help. It will be easier to keep up when you finally catch up. The 26th is a good day to ponder on your belief system and to consider life in a more philosophical way.  Examine your fiscal health on the 27th. Balance your checkbook and tend to anything else that pertains to money. On the 28th, go over your business dealings of the past week or so and make sure you tie up any loose ends that can hinder your progress later this week or month. Some of you are finally realizing that a brighter world is unfolding for you and it is exciting. Watch for enlightenment on the 30th to replace the fog of the last few days of this time period.  This is a month of realizing the fruits of your labor over the last four years.
Do you expect too much from others? If you do, you probably expect too little of yourself. Try being a giver and do something good for someone without any strings attached.  A friend or family member may be delighted at such a gesture from you and you will be surprised at how good it feels. Try this to start the week!  Think in terms of getting some rest on the 25th.  Meditation is a wonderful gift and you can give it to yourself. This helps to stave off worry and helps you to have peace of mind.  Take care of your finances on the 26th. Even though you are a trusting soul, you need to check up on your business. Balance the books so you will know exactly where you stand in that category.  Numbers don’t lie but sometimes people do. Life is always changing. Endings and beginnings large and small are more apparent now than ever before. A new way of looking at old things is the way to get through many days this week. Look at the humor in life on the 30thand it will help you to cope with the obstacles that appear in your path. Be a friend to the newcomer, but do give some of your time and love to the ones who have always been there for you. “If you have even one person who will come running to you no matter when or where you need them, you have a treasure.”

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