Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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September 15 - 21, 2019

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It seems to me that our world is being infected with negativity that is tearing us apart. Our political leaders seem to make things worse because each side has to be right. I think we should all follow rules based on truth. There is no alternative. Each and every one of us walks a different path in life and that is why a “one size fits all” solution is not possible. Take time to listen and to think things through and perhaps this will help you to find the middle ground on issues that you don’t agree with. You can learn a lot by observing others and opening your mind. People who are narrow minded are often going down a path that is too narrow to allow the people they love to walk beside them. It’s like a horse that you kept tight reins and blinders on since it was a pony.  If he is not allowed a broader view of his environment along the way, curiosity will eventually win over and he will bolt.   Take the blinders off. A wider and more satisfying path can be created by giving him his head. You may have to change your tactics a bit, but you know that you cannot control the thoughts of others any more than anyone can control yours.  Slow down and learn by looking at the good in the people around you. While you are at it, accentuate the positive aspects of self.

Plans made previously this month could possible go awry. Take extra precautions in everything you do, down to paying attention to the expiration dates on the food you purchase. There is a project or some business that needs to be examined for accuracy. You may have to go back to the drawing board on an issue that you thought was a done deal. Make sure you have done your part. Finish old things early on the 17th for the 18th could bring opportunities for brand new endeavors. If you have a specific point you need the get across, the 20th will be a good day to take the podium and give voice to what you believe in. Please do not miss the chance. Take care of obligations and mundane errands on the 21st and you will be glad you did on the 22nd. Something quite unexpected could be the mechanism for a brand new and exciting adventure. Some things should not be put off any longer. If you like someone, tell them. Though you may be busy all the time, you should take the time to give attention to someone who gave you their time when you really needed it.

Open-mindedness is the attitude you need to adopt for a good beginning to the week. You may need some time alone to think about some important decisions coming up. You are the one who has to decide what to do with your time, especially on the 19th. I suggest you surround yourself with happy people. This doesn’t mean they have to be bubbling over as long as they are positive thinkers and doers. Ups and downs and highs and lows are to be expected. You just have to remain flexible enough to roll with the tide. Do something for someone special in your life toward the week’s end. Do not let it bother you if they seem inappreciative. Trust your first instincts, for they are usually right.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Many of us do! We expect things to be different and better but often we forget that we must do something differently if we want better results. The 18th is a day to think about things that may be keeping your spirit from soaring. Remember that you can give up the controls without compromising your integrity.  It is hard to let go and get out of our comfort zones but it is sometimes necessary to let go of the need to be right and make the first step toward a different life. Things left undone three years ago may be back for you to revisit.  Love yourself enough to allow good things to happen. Free up some space by clearing out useless clutter in your physical and mental worlds.  This is a week to get back to the basics of what is happening in a particular situation. You may have to talk to someone in authority who intimidates you, but as long as you have been honest, it does not matter whether the other fellow agrees with you for what he thinks of your decision is none of your concern.

Sometimes it is very difficult to work really diligently to set a foundation when you know that you will not be the one to reap the benefits of the finished product. Take some time to really think about the job that is before you. Have faith in the fact that while you are setting such a firm base for others, the Universe and your higher self is busy with making plans for the next big change for you. Even if you have no idea what is in store for you, it is important to trust that doing the best you can now will pave the way for the bigger changes that are in store for you in the future. Think about this on the 17th and be ready to accept the fact that this is merely a catalyst for the opportunities coming to you in the future. If you are called upon to make a choice, you must think of the tried, true, and practical decisions that have served you well in the past.  Remember the basic principles that landed you where you are now and let your decision be based on reality.

If you didn’t get a shocking phone call or visit last week, look for one on the 18th.  People you helped in the past may come back and tell you how much they appreciate you. You might not even remember what you did or said. That is why it is so important for you to keep positive attitude and to realize your actions and deeds could be watched and being noted. They could be used to steer a soul one way or another. Make sure you show them the right way by being honest and fair in all your dealings. Your words and your actions are more powerful and influential than you know. Sometimes it sucks to be the role model in everything you do, but it is what it is and “the microphone is always on”. You can’t be happy all the time, but you can “act as if” you are most of the time. Nobody has to know you are faking it but you.

Standing up for what is just is no easy task when you are overrun by the big words and deep pockets of the hierarchy. When truth is on your side, you can’t lose in the total scheme things, but if you fall prey to the monarchy and agree to find the middle ground in an iffy situation, it will come back on you in the future. The responsibility that you have chosen for this year is simple, but it is a far cry from easy. You probably had no idea things would happen as they have. It has been one crazy month.  Nevertheless, you have made it this far and you have a good couple of months ahead of you. Relationships that need work can come back to confront you on the 18th. Guard your words on the 19th.  If you get caught up in a situation that requires an answer, be sure you know the right one. If not, it is best in the long run to simply say “I don’t know”.   There could be an issue involving property or something of material value on the 20th which is probably not a big thing, but you will need to be pro-active. A little attention to a problem now can prevent a major capital outlay of funds in the upcoming months.

Guard against addictive actions as this week begins. You may be tempted to do too much of a good thing out of simple monotony.  If you get tired of waiting for something or someone, count to ten for as many times as it takes to keep your temper at bay. The week will be a bit monotonous but you will have to grin and bear it. You will begin to see your way more clearly on the 22nd, making way for brighter times for you next week.

Start the week by doing the household tasks that fall under the heading of your responsibility. If you start off the week on a rational note, the rest of it can bring the opportunity for material success.  You may feel a bit more sensitive and melancholy on the 19th.  Change your focus from yourself to others who are less privileged and help them. In doing this, you will help yourself out of the slump you are in. New opportunities will be more apparent to you after the 20th. Flexibility is your right action word for the last few days of this week. If you are restless and moody, think about what you are putting into your body. Are you taking a new medication that may have side effects? If you are in a bad mood and there are no physical reasons you can think of, turn off the movie in your head or change the channel.

Hopefully you have already rid yourself of excess baggage in part of your life. If you still have a few things to finish, you will have another chance on the 18th or 19th. There is a choice to make on the 20th and it may be between going for the gold, and being completely honest.  When being confronted by a situation that makes it easy to gain, it is important that you think long and hard about it and make sure someone else is not suffering. It is good to have what you need, but you must know when need turns into greed.

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