The Universal Month

Universal vibrations flow like an undercurrent around the globe, subtly affecting the focus of thought and emotion in people of all nations. 

December, 2018 is a 5 universal month, a period when change is sought and, in fact, becomes the driving force.  In large part, this is in response to events related to dangerous levels of power, materiality and fanaticism that unfolded during November, 2018.  Although many are uncomfortable with change, this is still ultimately a positive vibration.  Just take care not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

2018 - The Universal Year

2018 is a 2 Universal Year.  Reconciliation, cooperation and peace making occur under this vibration. Organization is featured. It is a time when possessions may take the spotlight of attention. In some cases resistance may de-rail all effort. A 2 year is a good time to let go of resistance completely in order to cooperate with whatever is at hand to be completed. This 2 contains 11, a master vibration of enlightenment that can also give way to fanaticism.  Weigh all things carefully throughout this year.

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