The Universal Month


Universal vibrations flow like an undercurrent around the globe, subtly affecting the focus of thought and emotion in people of all nations. 

June, 2021 is a 2 month. Reconciliation, cooperation and peace making occur in a 2 month. Organization is featured. It is a time where possessions may take the spotlight of your attention. In some cases resistance may de-rail all effort. A 2 month is a good day to let go of resistance completely in order to cooperate with whatever is at hand to be completed.
2021 - The Universal Year

2021 is a 5 Universal Year, a time of nearly constant changes. Efforts to seek freedom will lead to mobility -- movement, but not necessarily progress. Those who don't appreciate the value of change may need to make "uncomfortable" adjustments all year. A 5 year has positive energy in every way.

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