The Universal Month


Universal vibrations flow like an undercurrent around the globe, subtly affecting the focus of thought and emotion in people of all nations. 

April, 2019 is a 7 universal month, a period when ife's mysteries may pre-occupy you and you seek seclusion to contemplate life and your life's goals. Emotions become aloof as objectivity is featured, giving you a bird's eye view of things, rather than an emotionally involved position. You may thirst for documentation on higher/hidden mind. This may cause problems with concentration on a busy schedule day, as the inner need conflicts with an inescapable need to accomplish.

2019 - The Universal Year

2019 is a 3 Universal Year, generally a pleasant period friendly to expression, the arts and love. Creation and communication reign during a 3 time period. There is a lot of activity, not necessarily in any order, possibly causing confusion and interruptions. Mediation of stand-offs will go well under the influence of the 3.  This year, the 12 vibration is included within the 3 (1+2=3).  This relates to the #12 card of the Tarot, warning that all is not as it appears to be.

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