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by Mary James

Mary James

Look Within -- with 20/20 Insight

It is said that numbers are the building blocks of the Universe. Everything can be reduced to a number and every number has a meaning that can be translated into a helpful tool in learning. Each letter in your name has a numeric equivalent. Since 1995 I have offered this site in order to help people understand the things that they are going through. There are seasons for growth in nature and I believe there are seasons for every living thing including people. I will continue to offer these writings free of charge as long as people choose to read. I do want everyone to know that there is no magic solution to living a good and useful life. We have to help each other and do what we can to help the world. I would like to thank all of my readers for their support. You have given me “Soul Support” and that has helped me believe that in some small way, I am performing a service to humanity. The longer I live, the more I know that material things are nothing compared to the satisfaction derived from giving someone a small spark of hope in a troubled world.

Please Note:  Ms. Mary is still recuperating from a stroke. 
She continues to write numberscopes, but her access to the internet is limited.
If you have numerology questions, please email Sheila Berry.
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